Biography of Jose Mourinho - The Special One

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho or Jose Mourinho, was born in Setubal, Portugal, January 26, 1963, Mourinho has studied at universities in Lisbon and obtained his degree in sports science with a thesis on methodology persepak soccer. He quickly changed professions ranging from teaching, coaching the junior team and became a translator for Bobby Robson at Sporting Lisbon, then became an assistant coach when he followed Robson moved to FC Porto and Barcelona. In Barcelona, ​​he became assistant to Louis van Gaal, then in 2000 he returned to Lisbon and Benfica coach.

In 1989, he married Matilde, who had known since childhood. They have two children: Matilde and José Jr.. Mourinho is bound in European advertising agreement with Samsung, American Express and other companies. His official biography to be 'best-seller' in Portugal. He was instrumental in many social activities in the world, such as youth projects for the children of Israel and Palestine as well as similar programs in the country. On May 16, 2007, Mourinho was arrested on charges against police officers as police officers will quarantine the dog.

On March 23, 2009 Mourinho eraih degree of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Technical University in Lisbon, Portugal. Had rumored divorce with his wife, Matiilde "Tami" Mourinho, who had given two children, Matilde and Jose Jr. of the ark didayuh households that already for 20 years. A number of media proclaiming that if the former Chelsea coach frequently shop in Milan alone. But in the end their households remained fine. Mourinho was named the best coach of the world by FIFA on January 10, 2011 at Ballon d'Or Gala in Zurich, Switzerland

The former Benfica coach is known by his comments are very sharp and controversial. When I arrived at Chelsea in 2004, he referred to himself as "the privileged" (The Special One). Coupled with a stylish appearance "movie star", he often became the target on the main page news and gossip. Profile became one residents wax museum Madame Tussaud in London. He was known as a coach with a strong personality and is able to instill a winning mentality in every team that handled. Although strategy is often criticized for playing negative football, he is a valid guarantee achievement. Not infrequently Mourinho called "trophy specialist coach" by his success won four domestic trophies in four different countries.

Mourinho took over the coaching chair Porto in January 2002 from the hands of Octavio Machado. For two and a half years at the club, he managed to bring home and had won six trophies in 2003 Treble Winners. He left the Os Dragoes (called Porto) on May 31, 2004 to then anchored to Chelsea.

Son of Felix Jose Mourinho as Chelsea coach was introduced on June 2, 2004. First year as manager (2004-2005), succeeded in making Chelsea as Premiership champions after the waiting period for 50 years. In the next period, 2005-2006, he led Chelsea to back Premier League champions without difficulty. In the third year, 2006-2007, Chelsea suffered many trials because of serious injury the principal players, including goalkeeper Petr Cech, the goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini second, captain John Terry, and Joe Cole, who all need a long rest. However, during the period 2006-2007 on this, Mourinho still managed to take the doubles title as Chelsea won the Carling Cup and FA Cup.

On 20 September 2007, Mourinho suddenly decided to leave his post as coach of Chelsea by "mutual agreement" after meeting with club officials. With the departure of Jose from Chelsea, the Premiership losing "the special one" (the nickname for Jose Mourinho) is famous for his comments which is always in the spotlight of the press and other coaches.

After nine months of not training, on June 2, 2008, was officially appointed Mourinho as Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini to replace the sacked on May 29, 2008 or 72 hours prior to appointment. By Massimo Moratti he targeted the 2009 Champions League final will be held at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy May 27, 2009.

Mourinho chose Giuseppe Baresi, a former Inter player of the '80s as an assistant coach. He also worked with Rui Faria (physical trainer), Silvino Louro (goalkeeping coach) and André Villas Boas (assistant coach technique). Three of the latter is also a train its staff for Chelsea and Porto.

On August 24, 2008, Mourinho won his first trophy for Inter in the Italian Super Cup after beat AS Roma 6-5 on penalties after a 2-2 balanced normal game for 120 minutes plus extra time. But expectations Moratti will the Champions League when Inter lost out 0-2 aggregate in the last 16 from Manchester United on March 11, 2009. Mourinho through his first season with Inter Milan in Italy in the 2008-09 season with success when Inter won the title of the 17th Italian Serie A League. Inter Milan won the title after a 1-2 defeat of Udinese. Upon this success, his contract extended until 2012.

2009-10 season arguably the golden era of Inter under Mourinho. Moreover, 28 April 2010, his team successfully get rid of defending champion FC Barcelona in the Champions League semifinals with a 3-2 aggregate. Automatic results it brings Inter cruised to the final and will challenge the Bayern Munich on May 22, 2010 at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. This is the first final La Beneamata since last 38 years. Achievement is making a name Mourinho became increasingly flying and interest in Europe's elite teams like AC Milan and Real Madrid to make himself as coach next season. In addition to the Champions League, Inter won the Coppa Italia chance and Serie A. Coppa Italia trophy is the first achievement of three of the coveted trophy in the 2009-10 season, Mourinho and his men successfully defeated AS Roma on May 6, 2010 at the Stadio Olimpico.

On May 16, 2010, he again led Inter to the stairs at the same time Italian champions Inter scudetto noted that the 18th and in five consecutive seasons after smothering Siena 1-0 at the Artemio Franchi. At the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on May 23, 2010, Inter with Mourinho scored a new history after beating Bayern 2-0 through the legs of gold Milito in the Champions League Final match. Inter became the first Italian team in history to win the Treble Winners.

Success with Inter Milan made Mourinho wants to go and look for another challenge, precisely in Spain. After Real Madrid president Florentino Perez Manuel Pellegrini fired on May 27, 2010, Jose Mourinho was appointed as coach of Real Madrid. On May 31, 2010, Mourinho was presented to the media. On 21 April 2011, Mourinho gave the Copa del Rey trophy to Real after beating Barcelona 1-0 in the final. It is a trophy of the 18th to the club after 18 years (last won in 1993). Trophy Mourinho was also a first degree in Spanish. The success of it, Mourinho has now become the first coach who is able to achieve domestic cup in four different countries (Portugal, UK, Italy, and Spain).

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