Biography Tukul Arwana - Comedian Indonesia

With the original name Tukul Riyanto otherwise known as Tukul Arwana born in Perbalan, Purwosari, Semarang, October 16, 1963 Since its birth, he was named Riyanto, not Tukul Riyanto as known today. Is the son of Abdul Wahid and Sutimah couple (late). Because he was often ill, his name plus the word "Tukul" became Tukul Riyanto. Surprisingly, after the name was changed so, he became less ill. He was eventually nicknamed Tukul. At age 5 months, Tukul often sick cared for by neighbors, Kelvin. Parents Tukul, Abdul Wahid and Sutimah (late) who has four children willingly give Tukul, since Kelvin was eager to make Tukul as a foster child.

With his natural talent, young Tukul already droll since sixth grade elementary school. Various kinds of buffoonery race, starting from the municipality of Semarang, Central Java, Jakarta and Greater Jakarta, as well as national level he was trying. His efforts are not wasted. He successfully won various comedy competitions. After graduating from elementary school, third son of Abdul Wahid and his late partner Sutimah went to junior high school Muhammadiyah Indraprasta. However, at Tukul sitting in third grade, his adoptive parents, Kelvin experiencing economic difficulties. In fact, the house must be sold as long as it occupies. Peak, while studying in high school Mrs. Kartini, Jalan Sultan Agung, Semarang, Tukul start trouble paying for school fees. Hammer began looking for a job to pay for school.

After high school, to make ends meet, but droll he also worked as a chauffeur transport (Johar-Stage majoring in Semarang). After two years, Tukul changed jobs to truckers liquefied petroleum gas in the area Mas Land, North Semarang for two years, before finally returning to public transport drivers. After changing jobs, Tukul memuntuskan eventually to move to a solicitation Jakarta Dewo Joko and his friend Tony Rastafara around 1992. For several years in Jakarta, his fate has not changed.

In the rented number is located in Block S of South Jakarta, Joko Dewo Tukul much aided and Tony Rastafara for everyday needs. In an economy that has not been well off, Tukul married a girl named Susiana bloody Padang. He was blessed with two daughters and men. Women named Eka Novita and small Afriana named Rev. Jovan Main. After marriage, Tukul and his family lived in a rented North Cipete area. Until finally Tukul job at Radio Humor SK and worked there with another fellow comedians such as Bagito, patriotic, Ulfa Dwiyanti, and others. Previously, Tukul had a private driver to support his family.

Tukul luck is getting better when he was invited in the production Lenong chat by Ramon Tommybens. The turning point was sticking his career when he became assistant Joshua in the video clip "Water" with icon diobok meddle with her around 1997. Name Tukul Arwana driven up when entrusted to host the music show "Ah" in the TPI and the show "Dangdut Ria" in Indosiar. Today, his name becoming dashed when TV7 (now Trans7) entrusting the talk show host Four Eyes (Today Not Four Eyes). Hammer also recently finished shooting his first movie, entitled Automatic Romance. In the film directed by this Soehardjanto Guntur, Tukul role as husband Wulan Guritno in a household that is at the far end of destruction. Not known hammer Four event on its merit. In addition to being the perpetrator of entertainment, Tukul also pioneered the businesses engaged in the field of entertainment, called "Ojo Lali Entertainment". like to eat chicken noodle mbok Darmi. The name "Arowana" given by his colleague, Tony Rastafara to Tukul can become rich, because arowana fish kept many rich people, so be Tukul Arwana

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