Discoverer Telescope - Hans Lippershey

Hans Lippershey also known as Johann Lippershey or Lipperhey, is a maker of bloody German-Dutch lens. He was born in Wesel, West Germany. Then he settled in Middelburg, the Netherlands in 1594, and married the same year, and became a Dutch citizen in 1602. Middelburg he lived until his death. Galileo's telescope, first telescope was not found. Before Galileo, many researchers who claim that he is the inventor of the telescope. Even so, Galileo's telescope is a better tool than a refraction telescope modifications are made by people berkebangsaaan Netherlands, Hans Lippershey.

The telescope has a lot of possibilities created earlier, and still a debate about the true inventor. But Lippershey believed to be the first to receive a patent for his design and make it for general use in 1608. However, in the fact he failed to receive a patent for the telescope's findings. But eventually he was rewarded by the Dutch government for copies of the design. "The Dutch Perspective Glass", which stars Binocular Lippershey could find only three times magnification zoom. Early initiatives to obtain a patent from the findings presented at the end of his report to the Netherlands Embassy of the Kingdom of Siam, led by King Ekathotsarot.

The report soon spread to the European diplomatic, and encourage experiments by other scientists such as the Italian Paolo Sarpi, who received the report in November, or Thomas Harriot of England in 1609, and Galileo Galilei who soon modify Lippershey telescope. Hans Lippershey holding a lens in front of another lens to magnify the object distance. By installing two lenses in a tube made of wood, Lippershey make the first telescope

Create a new glass technique was introduced by the Italians in the 1590s, and perhaps some idea of ​​combining this lens glass maker has come up with the community. Although people claim that the discovery of the telescope and instruments it is impossible to remain confidential, the early records has found a device (like a telescope) is listed on the letter of Zeeland to its delegation in the States of Holland, 25 September 1608, which contains the "who is the person who finds new discoveries that can see objects at a distance would be as if the close ". After that, there is also a petition from Jacob Metius of Alkmaar, a town in northern Holland, who also claimed to be the inventor of the telescope. The third claims also arise from Sacharias Janssen, and also became the talk of Middelburg, which emerged several decades later. Note that there is not adequate to determine who the actual inventor of the telescope. All we can say that patents Lippershey is the beginning of a record of the discovery of the telescope.

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