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Iwan Fals whose full Virgiawan Listanto (born in Jakarta, 3 September 1961, age 50 years) is a homage to ballads and Country singer who became one of the legends of life in Indonesia.
Through his songs, he was 'shooting' the social atmosphere of the life of Indonesia in the late 1970s until the present, as well as the life of the world in general, and life itself. Criticism of the behavior of a group of people (such as Representatives, Aunt Lisa), empathy for marginalized groups (eg Day Across the Palace, Lonteku), or major disasters that hit Indonesia (or sometimes outside Indonesia, such as Ethiopia) dominated the theme songs its merit. However, Iwan Fals not only sang his own songs but also a number of other creators.
Iwan who also was active in sports activities, had earned a National Karate Champion II, IV Karate National Champion 1989, had entered the national training and practice karate in college, STP (High School Publication). Iwan also became a columnist in several tabloid sports.
Charisma of a very large Iwan Fals. He is adored by the 'grass roots'. Simplicity being a role model of his fans who are scattered throughout the archipelago. The rabid fans Iwan Fals even establish a foundation on August 16, 1999, called the Foundation People Indonesia or commonly known by the call Oi. The Foundation embodies the activity of the fans Iwan Fals. Until now OI branch offices can be found every corner of the archipelago and some even to foreign countries.


Iwan Fals's childhood was spent in Bandung, then in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 8 months. Being honed his musical talents when he was 13, in which Iwan spent much of his time singing in Bandung. Playing guitar since I was young did he even singing bergitar ability to train and create songs. While in junior high, Iwan be a guitarist in the school choir.
Next, came an invitation to try his fortune in Jakarta from a producer. He then sold his motorcycle to the cost of making a master. Iwan's first album recorded with his colleagues, Toto Gunarto, Helmi, Bambang Bule incorporated in Ambush, but the album failed in the market and Iwan went back to my profession as a musician. The album is now a prey to collectors and rabid fans Iwan Fals.
Once can be champions in country music festivals, song festivals Iwan participate humor. Setiawan spirits (deceased), the songs of humor belongs Iwan had recorded with Pepeng, Krishna, Nana manuscript and produced by ABC Records, but also failed, and only consumed by certain circles. Until finally, a trip Iwan collaboration with Musica Studio. Prior to the Musica, Iwan was recorded about 4-5 albums. In Musica, then the songs Iwan worked more seriously. Bachelor album, for example, the music is handled by Willy Soemantri.
Iwan still undergoing his profession as a musician. He was singing by visiting house to house, sometimes at the Market Surprised or Block M. Bachelor album was much in demand and Iwan started getting many offers to sing. He then got into television after 1987. When the show aired on Commerce Releases arbitrary TVRI, Oemar Bakri song was aired on TVRI. When the second son Iwan, roots born in 1985, immediately stopped singing activities.
During the New Order, many events scheduled concerts Iwan prohibited and canceled by the government, because the lyrics of the song is considered to provoke riots. Early in his career, Iwan Fals many themed songs that make criticism of the government. Some songs can even be considered too harsh on the season, and the record company that umbrella Iwan Fals reluctant or rather did not dare to put the songs on the album to be sold freely. Later Iwan Fals also admitted that at the time that he himself is also not interested to put these songs into the album. [Citation needed]
Recording the songs that are not marketed is then time to be played on a radio station which is now no longer on the air. Iwan Fals has also been singing the songs in a concert of music, which resulted in him having to deal repeatedly with the security on the grounds that sung songs can disrupt the stability of the country. [Citation needed] Some of concert music in the 80s also was sabotaged by putting off the electricity and have also been forcibly disbanded just because Iwan Fals brought song lyrics to satirize the ruler at that time.
In April 1984 Iwan Fals has to deal with the security forces and was detained and questioned for two weeks because of singing the lyrics of the song Democracy and Patterns Simple Rice also Ma'am Tini at a concert in Pekanbaru. Since the incident, Iwan Fals and his family often get terror. [Citation needed] Only a handful of fanatical fans Iwan Fals still keep recording these songs, and has now become a very valuable collection.
When joining the group released an album titled Swami and Swami in 1989, the name Iwan getting rocketed by scoring hits Bento and Unloading a very phenomenal. Iwan Fals career continued to climb when he joined the 1990 Cantata Takwa fully supported by businessman Setiawan Djodi. Cantata concerts Takwa then until now regarded as the largest music concerts and grandest in the history of Indonesian music.

After the contract with the Swami who produced two albums (Swami and Swami II) ends, and between Cantata (which produces Cantata Cantata Takwa and Samsara), Iwan Fals still launch his solo albums and albums with groups such as Dalbo who worked with some of the former personnel SWAMI.
Since meluncurnya album Voice of the Heart in 2002, Iwan Fals has had a permanent escort groups of musicians and is always accompanied in every album and concert work. Interestingly, in all musical instruments are used both by Iwan fals and his band at every appearance in public has never seen a brand or logo. The whole identity is always covered or removed. On the world stage, Iwan Fals never allowed any sponsor logos or writings posted to keep the ideals that do not want to be considered to be representative of a particular product.


Iwan was born of Lies (mother) and had a deceased father Haryoso (colonel posthumously). Iwan married Rosana (Ma'am Joshua) and have children Galang Signs Anarchy (deceased), Annisa roots Bassae signs, and signs Rabbani Kingdom.
Galang follow his father entered the field of music. Nevertheless, that he is playing different music with his father who has become a trademark. Galang later became guitarist Interest groups and had released one album before his death.
Galang name is also used as one of the songs Iwan, titled Anarchy Signs Galang Opinion on the album, which tells the story of anxiety parents face rising prices of goods as the impact of fuel price hikes in early 1982 on the day of birth Galang (January 1, 1982).
Ancestor name as the second daughter is also immortalized as the title of the album and the title track Iwan Fals, published in 1991. Previous roots also been made songs with titles Anisa in 1986. The plan included the song on the album I Love You, but canceled. This song is quite critical that the record company canceled include it. On the cover of the album I Love You, especially early prints, the arranger section is written Anissa said.
Anarchy signs Galang died in April 1997 of a sudden that makes musical activity Iwan Fals had a vacuum for several years. Galang was buried in the yard of a house in the village Leuwinanggung Iwan Fals, Cimanggis, Depok West Java. After the death of Galang, Iwan often busied himself with painting and practicing martial arts.
In 2002 Iwan became active again make an album after all this time alone with the emergence of Voice of the Heart album in which there Face Only song that tells of the death of Anarchy signs Galang. In this song wife Iwan Fals (Joshua) also contributed his voice.
Since the death of Galang Anarchy signs, colors and styles of music Iwan Fals feels different. He did not segarang and wild first. The lyrics of his songs seem more mature and poetic. [Citation needed] Iwan Fals also briefly brought the songs either composed his own theme of love as well as from others.
On January 22, 2003, Iwan Fals awarded to a son, named Kingdom Rambu Rabbani. The birth of his third son is like to be a substitute for the deceased Galang Anarchy signs and inspire many in the music world a Iwan Fals.
Outside of the music and lyrics, Iwan Fals appearance also changed. When his first son died Iwan Fals shave off her long hair to bald. Now he's looking more modest, neatly cut hair well combed mustache and beard removed. In terms of clothing, he more often uses a shirt that is inserted at every opportunity to appear in public, very much different from the first appearance more often wear T-shirts and even bare-chested with long hair and thick mustache irregular.
His wife also became an important role since his first son died. Rosana became personal manager Iwan Fals that manage all the activities schedule and contract. With the Iwan Fals Management (IFM), Fals more professional in a career.


SMPN 5 Bandung
SMAK CPC Bandung
STP (Publication High School, now IISIP)
Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ)


Not all issued Iwan Fals album contains new songs. In recent years, Iwan Fals often issued a re-release old songs, both with original arrangements and the re-arranger. In recent years it also Iwan Fals more chose to collaborate with talented young musicians.
Iwan Fals many songs that are not sold freely. The songs became an exclusive collection of his fans and mostly recorded live. Iwan Fals some songs that are not commercialized like the song 'Come home' dedicated to the deceased Munir was so popular that eventually re-recorded and included in the album "50:50" that circulated in 2007.

compilation album
Banjo & Harmonica
Babble-babble 2
Love song (1990)
Acoustics All 2 (1997)
Greetings Reform (1998)
Greetings Reform 2 (1999)
Concerned (200O)

The song

Demokrasi Nasi (1978)
Semar Mendem (1978)
Pola Sederhana (Anak Cendana) (1978)
Mbak Tini (1978)
Siti Sang Bidadari (1978)
Kisah Sapi Malam (1978)
Mince Makelar (1978)
Luka Lama (1984)
Anissa (1986)
Biarkan Indonesia Tanpa Koran (1986)
Oh Indonesia (1992)
Imelda Mardun (1992)
Maumere (1993)
Joned (1993)
Mesin Mesin Pembunuh (1994)
Suara Dari Jalanan (1996)
Demokrasi Otoriter (1996)
Pemandangan (1996)
Jambore Wisata (1996)
Aku Tak Punya Apa-Apa (1997)
Cerita Lama Tiananmen (1998)
Serdadu dan Kutil (1998)
15 Juta (1998)
Mencari Kata Kata (1998)
Malam Sunyi (1999)
Sketsa Setan Yang Bisu (2000)
Indonesiaku (2001)
Kemarau (2003)
Lagu Sedih (2003)
Kembali Ke Masa Lalu (2003)
Harapan Tak Boleh Mati (2004)
Saat Minggu Masih Pagi (2004)
Repot Nasi / Sami Mawon (2005)
Hari Raya Bumi (2007)
Hari Raya Bumi (2007)
Berita Cuaca (2008)
Paman Zam
Kapal Bau Pesing
Makna Hidup Ini
Selamat Tinggal Ramadhan
Nyatakan Saja
Berputar Putar
Air dan Batu
Lagu Pegangan
Semut Api dan Cacing Kecil
Pukul Dua Malam
Nyanyian Sopir
Bunga Kayu di Beranda
Aku Bergelora
Suara Dari Jalanan


Music Contest Winner hope Humor (1979).
Winner Country Music Festival (1980).
Gold records, songs Oemar Bakri, PT. Musica Studio's.
Silver record, singer & songwriter Ethiopia, PT. Musica Studio's.
Artist achievement award HDX 1987 - 1988, songwriter I Borrow This Book.
Idol singer, BASF, (1989).
The best selling album, Deity's eyes, BASF, 1988 to 1989.
Recording the best male singer, album Puppet Child, BASF Award XI, 18 April 1996.
The best soloist Country / Ballad, Anugrah Musik Indonesia - 1999.
Presents This Certificate To Iwan Fals In Recognition Of The Contribution To Cultural Exchange Between Korea and Indonesia, 25 September 1999.
The best soloist Country / Ballad of AMI Sharp Award (2000).
Either the video clip the best songs, period VIII Video Music Indonesia - 2000/2001.
Triple Platinum Award, Best Album Of The Best Iwan Fals, PT. Musica Studio's - June 2002.
6th AMI Sharp Award, best album Country / Ballad.
6th AMI Sharp Award, solo artist / duo / group of the best Country / Ballad.
Winner of the best video edition - July 2002, the song Black And White Butterflies, Video Music Indonesia, I-2002 / 2003 period.
In Collaboration with the album award, number of sales above 150,000 units, PT. Musica Studio's - June 2003.
Triple Platinum Award, In Collaboration with the album, the sales figures above 450,000 units, PT. Musica Studio's - November 2003.
7th AMI Award 2003, Legend Awards.
7th AMI Award 2003, Best Pop Male Solo Singer.
MTV Indonesia Awards 2003, Most Favorite Male.
SCTV Music Awards 2004, the album Ngetop! (Pop) In Collaboration with.
SCTV Music Awards 2004, pop singer Ngetop.
Grace Planet Muzik 2004.
Prickly Generation Extra Joss - 2004.
8th AMI Samsung Award, Best Ballad Production Work.
SCTV Music Awards 2005, popular solo pop album Iwan Fals In Love.
With the compliment Of Metro TV.
Participation in the concert program Salam Lebaran 2005, PT. Gudang Garam Indonesia.
Getting Talk Less Do More Award as one of Class Music Heroes 2009.
Swami} {song together titled [Unloading] awarded the best 150 songs of all time Rolling Stone Magazine ranked 1.
Award Satyalancana Culture Government of the Republic Indonesia (2010)

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