Biography of Ahmad Dhani

Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo or known as Ahmad Dhani / Dhani Manaf was born in Surabaya, East Java, May 26, 1972, a musician, songwriter, arranger, and producer Indonesia. Dhani is a leader of the group's top bands, Dewa 19, and also personnel bands like The Rock. Dhani is also the owner and chairman of the Republic Love Management. Dhani has scored many hits and orbit a number of artists through his work. Dhani musical talent began to flare up when sitting on the bench SMP 6 Surabaya. Dhani with his best friend Andra 3 people Junaidi, Erwin Prasetya, and Henry Juniarso, then founded the band in 1986 DEWA.

Dhani acting on vocals and keyboards. So tergilanya on music, Dhani often skip school to simply gather with friends at DEWA to just play a musical instrument at home in the area of ​​complex Wawan University Press. Dhani menteng in the path of the original rock, jazz and then try to track which was then followed by changes in god's name into Downbeat. Together Downbeat, Dhani had won the Youth Jazz Festival in East Java, high school band festival winner or winners of the Second '90 Djarum Super Fiesta Music. However, Dhani finally back on track and flag-waving rock DEWA 19 with the addition of Ari Lasso.

Since there is no adequate studio in Surabaya, in 1991 Ahmad Dhani moved to Jakarta to look for a record company that would label the Gods 19. With a minimum investment, Dhani stepped jungle capital, wandering from one record company to record company to use city buses. After being rejected a number of labels, eventually dhani ogled by Jan Djuhana from Team Records.

Dhani efforts not in vain, their debut album Dewa 19 (1992) a huge success because of the skyrocketing number of hits such as "miss" and "We Are Not Love Again". The album was recorded as the best-selling album of 1993 and was awarded the Deity as best newcomer. Dewa 19 Success continued in later albums. Until now no fewer than eleven albums have been released together Dhani Dewa, the Gods 19 (1992), the format of the Future (1994), Best of the Best (1995), Pandava Lima (1997), The Best Of Gods 19 (1999), Five Star (2000), Love (2002), In the Name of Love I & II (2004), Warriors of Love (2004), Republic of Love (2006), and the Kingdom of Love (2007). Although it has been several times experienced a change of personnel, to this god 19 still exist in the world of music.

Besides active in 19 Dewa, Dhani is also busy with other activities. In 1999, she had given birth Ahmad Band, which was known by the song "Angel in the Silence" and "I Love You". In addition Dhani also be producing other artists in addition to Dewa 19. Since the success catapulted the name Reza Artamevia Dhani in 1997, he started producing other artists, and gave birth to new talents in the music world. Dhani also collaboration with guitarist DEWA 19, Andra Ramadan, and released an album that only contains 4 songs. "Kuldesak" is a mainstay of the album's singles.

Starting from recording his solo album in Australia, Dhani met with three members of the band's Hospital The Musical, namely Clancy Alexander Tucker, Zachary Haidee-Keene, Michael Bennett in the Studio 301, Sydney - Australia. From that meeting comes the idea to collaborate in a musical group. Dhani who have the intention to accept the invitation to go international and that which formed the Rock Hospital The Musical is not broke and did not leave Dhani Dewa 19. In August 2007, was born the first album with the title The Rock Master Mister Ahmad Dhani I, which scored single "Love Munajat". Hospital The Musical has attended the Marlboro Kretek tour in Indonesia, in August-September 2007. At that time they used the name Fire Shark, along with lead singer Mark Williams.

In the Year Dhani personnel betemu 5 members namely Cameria Happy Pramita (Guitar, Backing Vocals), ICES (Bass), Tharaz Bistara (guitar), Ikmal Tobing (Drummer) and Sudiro Last Revelation (guitar) on LAUNCHING ALBUM TRIAD The Rock Cafe Jakarta February 19, 2010 has released albums with his hits singles "Being God's Most Sexy" singer's hits Mulan's second single titled "Mustapha" Queen West's Group Band hits the third and final 2010, entitled "Heart Concubine"

One of the favorite musical The Beard (Dhani close calls) is Jazz music. He worked together with Tim Oram, Jazz musicians in Sydney. Together with her team collaborated with jazz musicians in Australia. There are four songs on the album Jazz The Rock, and April 2009, he released the album 100% Jazz with the title of The Best Is Yet To Come.

Dhani married to Maia Estianty in 1994, after all this time since the affair was in high school Dhani State 2 Surabaya. From their marriage, both have 3 children. Dhani named their children according to Sufi figures he admires, namely Ahmad Al-Gazali, El Jalaluddin Rumi, and Ahmad Abdul Qodir Jaelani. Since late 2006, Dhani and his wife were involved in the scandal 'recriminations which would end in divorce lawsuit filed by Maia Estianty. Their household officially ended on 23 September 2008 by decision of the judges at the South Jakarta Religious Court.

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