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     Genghis khan

Genghis Khan (Mongolian: Чингис Хаан), also spelled Genghis Khan, Khan Jinghis, Chinghiz Khan, Chinggis Khan, Changaiz Khan, etc., the original name Temujin, also spelled Temuchin or TiemuZhen, (sek. 1162-18 Agustus 1227) is a khan Mongol military leader who unites the people of Mongolia and later founded the Mongol Empire by conquering large parts of Asia, including northern China (Jin Dynasty), Western Xia, Central Asia, Persia, and Mongolia. His successor will extend the mastery of Mongolia became the largest empire in human history. He was the grandfather of Kublai Khan, the Chinese government for the Yuan Dynasty in China.

Early life

Genghis Khan was born with the name Temujin around the year 1162 and 1167, the firstborn Yesugei, chairman of the tribe Kiyad (Kiyan). While the family name of Yesugei is Borjigin (Borjigid). Temujin chairman named after his father's enemy ditewaskan.

Temujin was born in the mountainous area of ​​Burhan Haldun, close to the Onon and Herlen. Temujin's mother, Holun, derived from the tribe Olkhunut. Their lives move around just like the Turkish population in Central Asia. When Aged 9 years, Temujin sent out from his tribe because he'll Match to Borte, the daughter of the tribe Onggirat. Temujin's father, died of a poisoned Yesugei Tartars just in time to go home after dropping to a tribe Onggirat Temujin.

Temujin was summoned home to meet his father. Yesugei give a message to Temujin to exact his revenge and destroy the Tartars in the future. Temujin's life got worse after the rights of his power as the successor to the chief seized by another person by reason of age who were too young Temujin. Temujin and his family was expelled from his tribe because he feared would reclaim the right to rule over the tribe Borjigin. Temujin and his family life is suffering. With food supplies are very limited, She and her sisters lived by hunting. By the time he was a teenager, chief Borjigin send troops to kill Temujin.

Temujin successfully captured and taken prisoner by the enemy, but he managed to escape from custody and with help from the people who are still loyal to Yesugei. At adulthood, Temujin fought and collects its own strength.

Background struggle

Unify Mongolia
Temujin had a good friend who is also a foster brother, who named Jamukha. He had many times assisted by Jamukha, which is a descendant of the tribe Jadaran. Together with his adopted brother, Temujin managed to regain control over the rights of his tribe and his father founded Mongolia union first. Time after time, Temujin became increasingly large areas, which is done by destroying his enemies, and combine the tribes in Mongolia union. Temujin's biggest enemy in the history of their own turned out to be his adopted brother, Jamukha, who often complain of sheep Temujin with other tribes, including Temujin's own adoptive father named Wang Khan. After Temujin won over his enemies and execute commands his late father, Yesugei, he then also managed to avenge the death of his ancestors, who were killed by the Jin empire. Temujin later became the title Genghis Khan by Khan; which means "Khan of Everything".

Fighting Jin kingdom
Jin royal ancestors originated from the Jurchen tribes. Jurchen tribes overran the northern region of China for over 100 years. This would be a great difficulty to Genghis Khan in his duty. Kingdom of Jin has a number of troops close to millions of people (more than 10 times that of Genghis Khan's army at the time). They live in safety behind the walls of a large empire and difficult to attack.

Genghis Khan managed to undermine the spirit of war and the power of the kingdom of Jin in various wars. One is the war in Cliffs Wild Wolves, where Genghis Khan that just have no more than 100,000 army troops succeeded in clearing the enemy forces that magnitude more than half a million inhabitants. Genghis Khan proved the triumph of his success in seizing the royal capital of Jin, Dadu, which now has become Beijing. The artists (artist), arms expert (especially the heavy weapons expert / siege weapons), and valuables, all brought back to Mongolia as slaves and booty.

Invasion into the Middle East
History records the invasion led by Genghis Khan himself with hundreds of thousands of troops into the kingdom Khawarezmia elected at that time controlled the whole Middle East region beginning with Mongolian traders who were killed and their property confiscated by a greedy commander Khwarizmi.

Greed that brought disaster to the nation. Genghis Khan had captured and executed by the commander of the hot metal pouring into his eyes. Khwarizmi kingdom suffered incalculable losses. Anger grew after Genghis Khan killed his beloved grandson. People of Middle Eastern population was reduced by 10%, and the vast Inner Mongolia region was increased to goto the western continent of Asia.

History never recorded that at the time of Genghis Khan retreated back to Mongolia, he had ordered two of his best generals, Jebe and Subotai Baatur to investigate and eradicate the western region to the rest of the enemies of Russian territory. Jebe and Subotai never stepped on mainland Europe at the time, and had a confrontation and destroy the Crusaders who want to attack the Arab region. Source of the confrontation could have occurred because the Crusaders from Europe thought the Mongols were the Arabs.
Middle East region and then divided and ruled by the sons of Genghis Khan.

End of life Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan's old-old was forced to lead an army to destroy the Abbasid Caliphate for the umpteenth time, but the incompetence of the army and frequent drunkenness weaken the military forces.

He died on the way because of a fall from a horse and kept secret by commanders loyal to the enemy conquered. Genghis Khan's tomb kept secret so as not tampered with by others. Mongol rule bequeathed to his third son, Ogadai Khan. The reason Genghis Khan appointed his third son to continue the beneficiary's throne, caused by Ogadai Khan's skills in negotiating, leading the country and its not arrogant (unlike her brothers who often fought each other).

Mongolia after Genghis Khan

Ogodei Khan
Ogodei Khan, third son who became the Great Khan, not only succeeded in defending the territory of Mongolia has been built by his father, but he managed to expand his power by destroying the Jin empire for the last time, and ordered his commander to expand its power in the European region. Region Russia, Poland, and Hungary successfully controlled by Mongolia.

Combined forces led by Henry of Silesia joined the forces of Hungary, Poland, and Germany (the Holy Roman Empire), which consists of slain no trace of Teutonic troops in the war in Leignitz. European history record of cruelty and terror carried out by the Mongolian empire over the people of Europe. The new Mongolian forces stop their territorial expansion in Europe after hearing the death Ogodei Khan.

European countries chose to give tribute to the Mongolian empire rather than take risks to fight Mongolia. Europe and even solicits the help Mongolia to destroy Arabs. Most of the area will then become the Yuan Dynasty under Kublai Khan, the son of Khan Tolui

Tolui Khan
Tolui Khan, the youngest son, inherited the land of Mongolia are relatively small. His son, Kublai Khan, will establish the Yuan Dynasty.

Chagatai Khan
Chagatai Khan, second son, was given Central Asia and northern Iran, founded Kekhanan Chagatai.

Batu Khan
Batu Khan was the son Jochi Khan, Genghis Khan's eldest son who had died before the death of Genghis Khan. The legacy of land which if inherited by Jochi, namely Russia, given by two sons, Batu Khan and Orda Khan, both of which, along with 12 other of their brethren, founded Jochi Ulus (Golden Horde)
After the death of Ogodei Khan, Mongolia controlled by Batu Khan, who had another vision in expanding the Mongolian empire. He sent troops to control Arab lands previously controlled by Europeans, such as Damascus and other cities. European troops send relief when they took the city of Jerusalem. Mongolian troops in recorded history to extend its power into Egyptian territory. After the death of Batu Khan, the Mongol army to stop its military aggression towards the west.

Kublai Khan
Mongolia at the time of Kublai Khan succeeded in extending power to the entire territory of China, Korea, Burma, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Mongolian troops had done to Japan's military aggression and Java (Singasari Kingdom), but to no avail.

Global Domination

Mongolia struggled to bring the good name of his nation with principles that have been taught by their hero, the Genghis Khan. The history of the world noted that Mongolia is the only state whose rule over the whole world domination approach (global Domination). His power at that time were: China, Mongolia, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, the Middle East, Poland, Hungary, North Arabian, and North India.

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