Biography of Nikola Tesla - Electricity Greatest Scientist

Nikola Tesla, born in Smiljan who was then part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Yugoslavia on July 9, 1856. The first time you moved to New York in 1884, he was only 4 cents of money capital, and the suitcase containing a few articles written engineering in Belgrade and Paris, a book of poems, and some technical calculations glyph. However, in head-eyed man in the eye and seeds rather bright (though, usually dark-eyed Slavic descent) has stored all the details on polyphase AC current generator, which then becomes the basis of the installation of hydroelectric power at Niagara Falls in 1895, as well as standard industrial machinery.

Tesla is regarded as one of the most important inventors in history and was one of the greatest technician in the late 19th century and the 20th century. Tesla was a pioneer electromechanical, without wires, and electrical power. He thoroughbred Serbia and become citizens of the United States in 1891 while working in the country.

Tesla's patents and the working theory is the basis of electric power alternating current (English: Alternating Current, AC) modern including the polyphase power distribution, and the AC motor, which he announced in the Second Industrial Revolution. After demonstrating wireless communication in 1893 and won the "War Flows", Tesla is regarded as one of the greatest U.S. electrician.

In New York, Tesla worked for Edison. He designed 24 types of dynamo. But the two never match. Thus, April 1887 Tesla established his own laboratory. In a short time he proved, the system AC current (alternating) was far greater than the DC system (DC) Edison. Remarkably, less than a year he has patented some 30 works. In fact the next 20 years he spawned inventions in the field of electrical engineering and radio in an astonishing number. Unfortunately, a series of accidents destroy many of his writings. How could he remember every date of its discovery? His name as an inventor too often overlooked.

Fortunately, there was an attempt to straighten out. For example, Tesla, not Marconi, inventor of the search circuit radio waves are so basic. Bitterness, this fact determined the U.S. Supreme Court right in the year of his death. Actually still lined the possibility of another title, as researchers first cathode rays and X rays, ultraviolet radiation from high-frequency currents and therapeutic effects on the body. He also designed the ancestors of fluorescent tube lights, lasers and to develop similar tools. One discovery that his name is a Tesla coil. However, this work is just not able to reflect his scientific achievements that revolutionized the modern world. British scientist Lord Kelvin famously remarked, "Tesla's contribution in the field of electricity beyond the others do."

Because of his creativity, Tesla in 1912 was nominated for the Nobel Prize in physics. But he refused. He prefers to feel entitled to in 1909 for the Nobel was awarded to Marconi. The reason, in 1898 at Madison Square Garden, New York, he demonstrated radio-controlled boat.

In contrast to Marconi, Tesla is very concerned with the transmission of energy not only in small quantities in the form of radio signals, but also large electrical energy for household and industrial purposes. In fact in 1899 he built a giant electric power sending station in Colorado Springs, in the highlands of the Rocky. Installation is similar barn measures 60 m2. Right in the middle of the roof there is the framework of the tower as high as 60 m. Copper ball mounted on the top 90 cm in diameter. Inside the building there are 23 m diameter circular frame which is lined and wrapped around the wire as the primary transmitter coil, the coil diameter of 3 m directly attached to the pole.

The principle works similar to children's toys swing. The drive light will begin to move, the same encouragement at the right time, will make the swing higher. Similarly, a series of electrical vibration, the frequency of the received right on the main coil, will produce a vibration that will be bigger and higher results in the second coil. Vibration in the pole connected with the second Tesla coil will generate a high frequency radio waves that can travel considerable distances to other parts of the earth back and forth.

If then the tool Oscillation (converting DC into AC current) are aligned on the earth's natural frequency electric current, current will flow back to strengthen the vibration voltage at the pole, and push out the current from the earth. The result, the greater the current that will come out as a wave through the transmitter. In theory, the entire planet can be used as both current amplifier circuit.

The atmosphere of the operation of the appliance were told by John J. O'Neill in Prodigal Genius. Tesla saw the top of the pole from outside the building, aides Czito stood timidly near the controller in it. When Czito press a button, the second coil is surrounded by a circular electric fire, splash through the crowded outside the building, and there was a loud crackling sound at altitudes far above the head. "... Terrible rattling sound comes from the coil is growing louder and louder ... The sound was similar after another barrage of machine gun. The eruption is much in height in the air more like a very loud thunder of cannon. As if a war of artillery in the building ... Suddenly a strange blue light in the building. Coil turns. Every point in the building belch fire. So many flames of a blazing .... "

Tesla was fascinated. From the copper ball on top of the pole, appeared explosion, lightning, and the flames as far as 40 m. Suddenly the lightning stopped. Tesla ran into lab, protesting Czito for stopping the experiment. Without speaking Czito pointing control buttons, power supply is damaged. The experiment was burned down generating systems Colorado Springs Electric Company.

Fortunately, the company's generators designed by Tesla, so that a week can be operated again. The experimental results were described in a paper he wrote, "... When we last heard the echo of a sound, that sound that hit the wall or barrier at a certain distance, and then reflected back. Such as sound, electric waves can be reflected. Evidence of their similarities is the electrical phenomenon known as permanent wave is a wave with a fixed form. I did not send electrical vibrations toward the wall, but rather toward the limits of the earth in the distance. All I got, balanced ... reflected electric waves from afar. "Demonstration effect for the installation of a giant Tesla coil in Colorado Springs was capable of powering 200 works of Edison's incandescent lamp at a distance of 40 km without wires!

After that, Tesla started a more ambitious project, he called the world network system. By leveraging the power of natural vibrations of the earth will be available electrical energy that is cheap and universal. Supported by grants from the railway leading businessman JP Morgan, he started the construction of complex transmission in an area of ​​800 ha in Wardencliff, Long Island, 100 miles from New York. Wood frame tower rising as high as 45 m. On it mounted 30 m diameter copper electrodes similar to a giant donut with a tube diameter of 6 m. However, no funds to complete. The tower that had stood for 12 years, until finally torn down during World War I for security reasons. All scheme design does not materialize, the project also failed industrial city designed with his partner, architect Stanford White.

Since then, Tesla sought more creative. He was never poor idea. When other scientists and engineers try to apply science to practical tools for a variety of ideas - that can be claimed from the basic idea, Tesla's intention is to develop new theories. Tesla get older, the more tenuous relationship with the scientific community as well. No wonder that he often issued a statement that fanatical sect contrary to the other. For example, he can not accept the modern picture of atomic structure different from her, or want to understand the idea of ​​split atoms.

From experiments with high-energy power oscillator and the wave is very long, he believes, every object is always vibrating. However, he sees it as a form of simple physical relationship between two objects rather than the advanced concepts of quantum mechanics. In Colorado Springs, Tesla pumping electrons out of the earth. He calls, generating an electric current shakes the earth in motion with very long wave transmissions.

In addition to wavelength, Tesla allegedly discovered the principle of the laser. No other because the laser beam generated by the same oscillator as used Tesla to generate the high voltage electricity. Moreover, in writing in 1934, Tesla tells of a similar laser devices. He called, there are particles that can be large or microscopic dimensions, which could send energy rays or the like to form a very remote area. Thousands of PK energy can be transmitted in the form of a smaller flow of the piece of hair, and is able to penetrate any obstacles.

Prior to 1960, the first real laser built by American physicist, TH Maiman, who used a synthetic ruby ​​to produce red light. The trick, pumping energy beam with a frequency equal to it.

There are several important aspects that distinguish ordinary laser beam. Laser light consists of rays similar to the same wavelength, transmitting only one direction, and the coherent wave. While the ordinary rays have different wavelengths that radiate in all directions. Therefore, the laser beam can be sent to distant places without having to spread or decrease its strength. This is evidenced by sending light to the moon which is then reflected to the earth through a reflector mounted by the first person who landed on the moon. Rays that showed no reduction in strength again.

On the 82 th anniversary, in a dinner at the Hotel New Yorker, Tesla asked whether it can produce effects on the moon large enough to be seen by astronomers through high-powered telescopes.

Tesla claimed, could send a beam that will be glowing in the dark crescent. Likewise a similar bright light so that stars can be seen with the naked eye.

Then the issue arises, Tesla discovered the weapon beam with power and precision that has never existed before. Moreover, at the end of life to leave the cue that reinforces Tesla's allegations. "Discovery could destroy anything, men or machines that exist within a radius of 320 km." But, in an article in 1935, when he rejected his findings led to war. He claimed to hate war. "War can not be stopped by making the weak become strong. The most appropriate way, making every nation, strong or weak, able to defend themselves. Each country, large-small, will not lose against the enemy. If the weapon is accepted, the relationship between nations will be revolutionized. "

Suspicions were berekses unpleasant to him shortly after he passed away, January 7, 1943, in room New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. Before rigid body was moved, some FBI agents entered the room, open the safe mini, and retrieve all documents containing the details suspected secret weapon design.

Until a few decades the fear of Tesla's secret weapon is still haunting some circles. For example, Maj. Gen. George Keegan, former U.S. Air Force intelligence chief, the suspicious appearance of a strange electrical storm in the area of ​​Canada in 1977 as published in the Daily Evening Standard in London. Keegan believes, the storm was caused by experimental particle weapon that could blow up the Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles - which was passed in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Not to mention the weird news, Tesla's last assistant, Arthur Matthews, interrogated intensively by Russian electrical engineer.

The first hint that the particle gun experiments appears when the satellite data indicate the presence of unexpected hydrogen, with terlacaknya tritium (hydrogen bomb fuel) in the upper atmosphere. Officers connected with the secret information that the Soviet experiment in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Similarly, the installation is coded in the Sary-Shagan Tora, + 800 km from Semipalatinsk, the Soviet, or in Gomel near Minsk. The goal, to develop a weapon capable of accelerating and focusing the particle beam on a target atom, such as missiles.

Subatomic particles used in the weapon is a proton or electron. In modern physics theory, these substances can be accelerated by means of controlled oscillators of electromagnetic fields, or waves of energy that can be pumped into the future. This method is similar to the way the Tesla coil, or wave laser beam. The main one concerning the particle gun or a laser beam is composed of energy waves generated as the same frequency has been unified in their own nature, or a coherent emission. These waves remain similar to those described in the paper Tesla in 1900.

Soviet vaguely describes the experiment was performed in a high frequency channels. As a result, severe disturbance appeared on several radio stations during 1976, which protested by several countries, including Britain.

In addition to the radio interference problem, there are other more important issues that are difficult to control the effects of firing particle beam weapons in the upper atmosphere. At an altitude of about 100 km above the Earth's surface there is a layer of the ionosphere. This section consists of several layers which contain very little water. Some atomic uncovered into electrically charged ions. This layer is responsible for the length of radio wave reflection in the surrounding earth. He was also part of the atmosphere where the aurora borealis appears (light in the sky that appears in the geomagnetic polar regions of the earth at night due to high solar activity, can be seen in Canada, Alaska, and northern Scandinavia) with extraordinary electrical charge in response to irradiation cosmic constant in space.

Well focused particle beam that can hit a hole in the ionosphere. The particles that can positively charge proton, or vice versa in the negative charge of electrons. This situation will affect the spread of ions around the trail lights, which resulted in the emergence of the aurora and radio interference, similar to that occurred in Canada in 1977.

But is there any influence on the final conditions of the atmosphere and climate on earth? Andrew Michrowski, scientists in the power network in Eastern Canada, sure. "Russia must be based on the idea of ​​Tesla's experiment, and has changed the climate of the world," he said. Another with W. Watson Scott, director of operations at the Department of Communications of Canada in Ottawa, "Could this trial related to the severe drought in England in 1976, warm weather in Greenland, and falling snow in Miami? There has been no evidence to support its truth.

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