King Abdul Aziz bin Saud

Abd al-`Aziz al-Sa` ud (Riyadh, around 1880-Taif, 9 November 1953) (Arabic: عبدالعزيز آل سعود) was the first King of Saudi Arabia. He is also known by various names, among them Ibn Saud. It stems from the Saudi royal family that ruled a party of the Arabian Peninsula.

Curriculum vitae

Ibn Saudi born in Riyadh and is a partner child Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal and Sara bint Ahmad al-Kabir Sudayri. In 1890, during the ten-year-old, Ibn Saud followed his family in exile in Kuwait after the capture of his family lands by the Rashidi dynasty. He spent his childhood in Kuwait in a state of berharta.
In 1901, during the 22-year-old, Ibn Saud succeeded his father as chairman of the family of Saud dynasty with the title of Sultan of Nejd. He then started a campaign to reclaim the land his family from the Rashidi dynasty in what is now Saudi Arabia. In 1902, he together with his family and his brother troops captured the Rashidi governor of Riyadh by killing there.

Reclaim the powers of

Two years after the successful capture of Riyadh, Ibn Saud had mastered half of Nejd. Even so, in 1904, requested assistance from the Rashidi dynasty Ottoman dynasty to beat Saud (the Saudi Royal Family). Ottomans sent troops into the kingdom of Arabia (Arab land) and this led to the defeat of Saud dynasty on June 15, 1904, but after the Ottoman troops retreated due to certain problems, Saud dynasty troops managed to gather her strength.
In 1912, Ibn Saud successfully controlled with the help of Nejd Wahabi dynasty. In 1922 the Saud dynasty succeeded in defeating the Rashidi dynasty and this put an end to the mastery of the Rashidi dynasty in the Arab country.
In 1925, Saud dynasty captured the Holy City of Mecca from Sharif Hussain bin Ali. On January 10, 1926, Ibn Saud is crowned King of Hejaz in the Grand Mosque, Mecca.
In 1932, after acquiring most of the Arabian Peninsula from its enemies, Ibn Saud was named the land of Hijaz and Nejd combined as Saudi Arabia.

Oil and the government of Ibn Saud

Once oil is found in Saudi Arabia in 1938, Ibn Saud gave permission for Western companies to conduct oil exploration there. All profits from the sale of oil is given to the family of Saud. Profits from the sale of oil a growing cause of Ibn Saud began to spend money to improve the lives of its people.
He forced the nomadic tribes that live permanently in one place. He also started an effort to combat crime especially crime against against the pilgrims in Mecca and Medina.

Foreign wars

When World War II, Saudi Arabia is a country that is neutral.
In 1948, when the Arab-Israeli War erupted in 1948, Ibn Saud followed the war.

Family and succession

Ibn Saud number of children is unknown but estimated at 50 to 200 people. They consist of: (name blacked out to be King)
With Wadhba bint Mohammed al-Hazzam
Saud (January 12, 1902 - February 23, 1969), became King of Saudi Arabia in the year 1953-1964
Turkey (1917-1919)
With Tarfah bint Abdullah al-Shaykh Abdul-Wahab
Khalid (born 1903, died during infancy)
Faisal (April 1904 - 25 March 1975); became King of Saudi Arabia in the year 1964-1975.
With Jauhara bint Saud Al Musa'd
Muhammad (1910-1988)
Khalid (1913 - June 13, 1982); became King of Saudi Arabia in the year 1975-1982
Anud (born 1917)

By Bazza
Nasser (born 1919)
Bandar (born 1923)
Fawwaz (born 1934)
With Jauhara bint Saad al-Sudairy
Saad (1920 - 1990's)
Musaid (born 1923)
Abdalmohsen (1925-1985)

With Hussah bint Ahmad al-Sudairy
Sa'ad (b. 1914, d. 1919)
Fahd (1923 - 1 August 2005); became King of Saudi Arabia in the year 1982-2005
Sultan (born January 5, 1928); the current crown prince
Abdul-Rahman (born 1931)
Turk (born 1932)
Nayef (born 1934)
Salman (born 1936)
Ahmed (born 1940)

With Shahida
Mansur (1922 - May 2, 1951)
Mishal (born 1926)
Qumasha (born 1927)
Muteb (born 1931)

With Fahda bint Asi Al-Shuraim
Abdullah (born August 1924); King of Saudi Arabia now, since 2005
By Haya bint Saad al-Sudairy (1913-18 April 2003)
Nura (died 1930)
Badr (born 1933)
Abdalillah (born 1935)
Abdalmajid (born 1940)

With Munaiyir
Talal (born 1931)
Badr (1931-1932)
Mishari (1932-23 May 2000)
Nawwaf (born 1933)

With Mudhi
Majed (October 19 1938-12 April 2003)
Sattam (born January 21, 1941)
By Nouf bint al-Shalan
Thamir (1937-27 Juni 1959)
Mamduh (born 1940)
Mashhur (born 1942)
By Saida al-Yamaniyah
Hidhlul (born 1941)
With al-Baraka Yamaniyah
Muqren (born 15 September 1945)
With Futayma
Hamud (born 1947)

With? (Unknown)
Fahd (1905-1919)
Sara (about 1916 - June 2000)
Shaikha (born 1922)
Talal (1930-1931)
Abdalsalam (1941)
Jiluwi (1942-1944)

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