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I Wayan Balawan (born 9 September 1973 in Gianyar, Bali) is a Jazz musician Indonesia. Balawan is a Jazz guitarist the name stuck and the more favored in Indonesia. Rock Ethnic Fusion Balawan form that carries the exploration of traditional Balinese music.

In daily life, children are generally exposed in the Bali Hindu religious ceremonies, where the prayers, the smell of burnt incense, Balinese gamelan and appreciative people together. This is a logical consequence: the appreciation of art and the music grows in childhood. I Wayan Balawan not escape the consequences of this in his childhood neighborhood, and that is what form the musical genius.

Music syncretism, Tapping Technique and Speed. After watching the concert Balawan two days at the University Cultural Center - NUS, I found the marriage of Balinese gamelan with jazz. Marriage and rocks carried by Balawan Ethnic Fusion. Balawan is a talented young musician and has a noble motive: he tried to combine Balinese gamelan with jazz, which I think, it will only be performed by musicians who have matured. The process of combining jazz with Balinese gamelan can be understood as syncretism in music. Gamelan is the pentatonic, while jazz is diatonic. Jazz can be played with a tempo slower or faster, while the Balinese gamelan are generally faster. The first thing to do to put jazz in a Balinese gamelan is to equate the tempo. The second is the inclusion of jazz tunes in a gamelan, and vice versa.

Balawan plays electric guitar with right-handed tapping technique (the technique popularized by Eddy van Halen 70s) where he was pressed between two frets guitar strings with four fingers (right hand) as playing the piano, and four fingers of the left hand plays the bass and chords . Fingers really high agility, but the subtlety of the guitar melody is maintained. Balawan also known as Asia's first guitarist that can play eight-finger tapping on a double-neck guitar simultaneously.

Who Balawan? Balawan, a young jazz guitarist who was rising, was born in Gianyar, Bali, 9 September 1973. As a child learning to play the organ Balawan Bali where speed and pentatonic harmonies into the essence of the game. Balawan won a scholarship to study music and vocal jazz at the Australian Institute of Music, SidneyJoe Satriani and Eddy van Halen. Upon his return from Australia, Balawan formed a musical group to accommodate the jazz music and Balinese gamelan. The group is named Rock Ethnic Fusion (BEF). This group consists Balawan, Wayan Suastika, Wayan Sudarsana, Nyoman Marcono, Nyoman Suwidha, Gusti Agung Bagus Mantra, Gusti Agung Ayu Dewi and Ito Kurdhi Risna. BEF play traditional instruments such as reong, flute, Rindik, genggong, drums and cengceng. (1993-1995). Balawan inspired by many musicians, especially

Mathematicians, Athletes and Artists. To become a leading musician one must be a "mathematician", athletes and artists. Balawan it has three. When playing guitar, accuracy in touching the string in between two frets to produce a stream of clear, smooth and clean. Accuracy is an essential requirement of doing mathematics. To master the tapping technique, which is generally difficult, Balawan train himself day and night to produce a high-speed tapping and the desired sound. This effort requires tremendous energy as well as athletes. Balawan debuted with fused jazz and Balinese gamelan. The process of extending and combining music with ethnic music is not easy. This requires a soul artist with a high creativity to create music to jazz and Balinese gamelan stay alive.

Eating food in Riverside. I first saw the game Balawan on 10 and March 12, 2006 in Singapore, although previously I have often heard his name when he was gigging in JGTC (Jazz Goes To Campus, University of Indonesia). It's entertaining and fascinating. Great musical arrangements, harmonization is very etnikal, complex but enjoyable! And, tapping a very fast game! After a small concert at the UCC's, my, my wife, Balawan, Momoko Fusa (classical pianist from Japan), Ony Pah (drums), Dody (bass) and Rock Ethnic Fusion meal on the banks of Singapore River, Clarke Quay precisely.

"However well I play jazz, I could never quite 'black' to play it. So rather than bother to play jazz authenticity that I will never accomplish, I decided to play music where I feel at home ", said at the time of release Balawan Magic Finger.

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