Biography of Chris Gardner - From Being Homeless Billionaire

Chris Gardner was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 9, 1954, with the full name of Christopher Gardner's life began in very poor condition. He was the only boy in his family, who was raised by single parents, namely his mother. His mother, who worked as a teacher and also took various odd jobs still can not provide for the family. Father, is a privately that he had never ketchup and it was affecting his life. In its growth, Gardner moved from your home to foster home. Gadner until entering the military school, Gadner learned that the worst place in this world is the house where he lived with his mother and stepfather. Diterimannya torture of his stepfather was more cruel than the United States military discipline.

After dropping out of high school, Gardner lied about his age and joined the U.S. Navy. He hopes to become a medic and can travel the world, but it was never achieved. He was just up in North Carolina. However, the experience was introduced Gardner to cardiac surgeons, who then hired Gardner as a clinical research assistant at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco. Gardner enjoyed the job, but he only earns $ 7.400 per year and he wants more.

Gardner toyed with the idea of ​​becoming a doctor, but he decided that the years to pay off the loan for medical school was not for him. Instead, he became a salesman of medical equipment, earning $ 16,000 per year. He was loading equipment into his car one day and something happened that ultimately change lives forever Gardner. He saw a bright red Ferrari and immediately fell in love with all it represents. "I asked the male owner of Ferrari's two questions," recalls Gardner. "One of them, 'What are you doing?' The second is, 'How do you do that? '"

As fate would have it, the Ferrari driver was a stockbroker. When Gardner heard that people were earning more than $ 80,000 a month, he decided that being a stockbroker is the future. He had no education, no experience, and there is no connection, but that did not stop Gardner from reaching his new dream.

In 1987, Chris Gardner established the brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co., in Chicago, Illinois, a brokerage firm that specializes in the implementation of debt, equity and derivative products transactions for some of the nation's largest institutions, public pension and union. " The new company
started his small Presidential Towers apartment, with initial capital of $ 10,000 and furniture: a wooden table that serves as the family dinner table. Gardner reportedly owns 75 percent of the stock brokerage firms with the remainder owned by a hedge fund. He chose the name "Gardner Rich" for his company because he considers Marc Rich, the commodities trader pardoned by former President Bill Clinton in 2001, "as one of the most successful futures companies in the world."

After selling its stake in Gardner Gardner, in a multimillion-dollar deal in 2006, he became CEO and founder of Christopher Gardner International Holdings, with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. During his visit to South Africa to observe the 10th anniversary of the election at the end of apartheid, Gardner met with Nelson Mandela to discuss the possibility of investing in South Africa and emerging markets as shown in his autobiography in 2006. Gardner reportedly developing a business investment with South Africa that will create hundreds of jobs for millions of people. Gardner refused to disclose details of the project, quoting the securities laws.

Bitter sweetness of life seems to have felt it. Homeless, abandoned wife, was arrested by police, difficulty paying the loan, all of them are already being felt. He was not a highly educated, but he kept trying and struggling. Now he became a millionaire success, motivator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Now he has a Gardner Rich & Co., a stock brokerage firm.

Amazing story of the struggle of Chris Gardner, confidence, entrepreneurial spirit and devotion of a father he has thrown away from the fame that he found on Wall Street (where the stock exchange like the JSE). He has been interviewed on the show "Evening News with Dan Rather," "20/20," "Oprah," "Today Show," "The View," "Entertainment Tonight," CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel and is also the subject of news as a profile in many newspapers and magazines including People, USA Today, Associated Press, New York Times, Fortune, Jet, Reader's Digest, Trader Monthly, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Post and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also became a frequently sought speaker.

The conclusion of the story of her life that goal giant energy giant, always remember that God is just and wise, confident and successful start of the dream of hard work and failure. :)

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