Miroslav Klose Biography

Miroslav Klose Josef (born with the name Marian Kloze Miroslaw; born in Opole, Poland, June 9, 1978, age 33 years) is a German football player blooded Poland [4] who plays as a striker for Lazio in Serie A and national team football Germany.

Klose started a professional career with FC Homburg. He then reinforces one. FC Kaiserslautern from 1999 to 2004. In the 2004-05 competition USIM, Klose joined Werder Bremen. He then joined Bayern Munich in 2007. During four seasons at Bayern, Klose won several domestic titles, such as two Bundesliga titles 2007-08 and 2009-10. In June 2011, Klose for the first time joined the team out of the Bundesliga, Lazio signed a contract with a duration of two years.

Klose strengthen the German national football team since March 2001. He and Gerd Müller is the top score of the second round of FIFA World Cup finals with 14 goals. Klose scored five goals, all with a header, the FIFA World Cup finals in 2002. The same amount he made for the German national team at the FIFA World Cup finals in 2006, which won him the Golden Boot at the tournament acknowledged the issue. In the round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Klose scored four goals. As of November 2011, Klose has scored 63 goals in 113 appearances for the German national team.

Personal life

Both parents are athletes Klose. His mother Barbara is a member of the Polish national team handball who has played 82 times as much for his team, his father Józef Klose played football for Odra Opole and AJ Auxerre. They moved from communist Poland (then) to France in 1978, then to Kusel, Germany in 1987.
Sylwia Klose and his wife first met in FCK Fanshop in Kaiserslautern, where Sylwia worked there. Sylwia Purschke eventually quit his job at the time because it is not resistant to the publication itself and its relationship with Klose and too many fans who came to ask him. Before a relationship with Sylwia, Klose had a relationship with girlfriend Juliette Thiel. Sylwia Klose and eventually awarded the twins Luan and Noah on January 30, 2005.


Poland national football team wants him up but he decided to wait for Germany.
Some time after his appearance at the 2006 World Cup, one of the German giants, Bayern Munich, have expressed their intention to 'buy' Klose of Werder Bremen.

Klose is the hallmark of "somersault" in celebrating the goal that he printed on the FIFA World Cup finals. (5 times in 2002 and 1 times respectively in 2006 and 2010)
He was the 2005-06 Bundesliga top scorer with 25 goals.

He scored twice on his birthday to-28 in a game against Costa Rica in 2006.
Klose became the second person who managed to score five goals in two different World Cups. Formerly the Peru striker, Teofilo Cubillas, who scored his goals in World Cup 1970 and 1974.

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