Ras Muhammad biography

Ras Mohammed who was born in Jakarta followed his family to New York City and lived there from 1993 until July 2005. His journey as a musician, singer and song writer as a solo-ist Reggae started since he was a teenager, when he was living in Queens, the city of the world. Ras Mohammed had formed a rock band at the time of the SLA, then formed a duo group Rap / Hip Hop duo called "Ronin" in her first year at College.

Reggae music for the Ras Muhammad brought a noble mission, reggae soul is a breath of peace and unity, equality of mankind. Reggae spread the positive vibe / positive vibrations and avoid the negative. Reggae is a struggle and also the form of expression or the cry of the poor against social inequality and injustice.

Inspiring songs much to the Ras Mohammed events of everyday life, environment, social circumstances of our society and also the views of various characters / world leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., King Selassie I, Bung Karno and other statesmen.

Ras Mohammed has so far issued two albums, the first album titled "declaration of trurh", in early 2005 as many as 10 songs and circulated in New York, (in Indonesia ever bargained for Literacy Record in print, but still hold Ras Muhammad first). And a second album entitled "Reggae Ambassador" as many as 15 songs in January 2007, the indie and circulated by the Script Record.

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