Roman Abramovich Biography - King of Russian Oil

Arkadyevich Roman Abramovich was born on October 24, 1966 in a Jewish family in Lithuania. His mother, Irina Ostrowski Abramovich, died aged two years before Roman and his father, Arkady Abramovich was killed in a construction accident less than two years later. As a result, Roman was raised by her paternal grandfather in the cold Arctic climate from their hometown in Lithuania. Roman Abramovich studied at the Industrial Institute in Ukhta before he entered the Soviet Union became a soldier. After returning from military training, Abramovich later studied at the Moscow State Auto Transport Institute in a short time.

When Mikhail Gorbachev announced the development of small enterprises in the post-communist Russia in the late 1980s, Roman Abramovich began selling souvenir plastic ducks from a small apartment in Moscow. After a few years, Abramovich began to invest in other businesses, to expand his wealth. Between 1992 and 1995, Abramovich create a company that acts as an intermediary for the sale and purchase, and eventually he focused on the purchase and sale of oil. In 1995 he partnered with Boris Berezovsky to buy a majority share of the oil company Sibneft, to the amount of $ 100 million. At the time the company was estimated to be worth $ 150 million, but after the stock surged shortly after the acquisition, many companies in the Soviet began to question the value estimated before the sale. In 2000, Berezovsky left Russia for fraud and scandal to sell their shares to Abramovich.

And it made oil tycoon Roman Abramovich as the king of oil or Russian origin and was recorded as a new millionaire. Roman Abramovich's net worth is now worth U.S. $ 17780000000, has sixteen homes, seven cars, six companies, anti paparazzi cruise ships, submarines
Personally, having twenty-two bank accounts and, of course, he has the Chelsea Football Club.

In 1999, Roman Abramovich began charitable work in Chukotka region in Russia's Siberia, the cold, poor countries. Abramovich is interested in helping children and establish a charitable foundation with the hope to help the people of Chukotka. In December 2000, Abramovich was elected governor of the area and since then he has invested millions of pounds in the development of education systems, hospitals, and universities in Anadyr. Although the Chukotka worked as a tax haven for Sibneft, Abramovich has given employment opportunities to local residents and give them a valuable opportunity for growth and education. Abramovich wants to leave his position as governor in 2005, but Russian President Vladimir Putin eliminates the ability to choose regional governors and reappointed Abramovich as Chukotka governor for the region for another term.

In 2003 Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club in England. The acquisition is changing the marketing strategy of the game and the ability to "buy" players. Because personal wealth Abramovich, he has the ability to build a state of the art facilities and offers a great salary for a player to join his team regardless of financial status of the team itself. As a result, other teams have to drive wealth in order to keep up.

Since taking over Chelsea in 2003, Roman Abramovich hardly stop shopping and experimented players. How much money has been issued by the skipper of Russian oil to pay for it all? The Mirror reported Red Roman, Roman Abramovich so once called the British press, has spent over £ 1 billion, equivalent to Rp 14.2 trillion, since taking over Chelsea from the hands of Ken Bates in 2003.

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