Albrecht Altdorfer -The Painter and Grafikus Jerman.

Albrecht Altdorfer (born in Regensburg, 1480 - died February 12, 1538 in Regensburg) was a German painter and grafikus. Date and place of birth is not precisely known, although he has always been associated with the city of Regensburg in his lifetime. In 1505, she received German citizenship and the right called 'painter from Amberg ", a small town in northern Regensburg.Altdorfer be a citizen of Regensburg in 1505 and bought a house there in 1513.Rumah both purchased in 1518 and houses third in 1532. He also owns several vineyards.


Altdorfer is the leading artists of the Danube School of German painting. The first figure painter of his time who has created a landscape painting in the purest style of approach, both in the resolution of light and color, and in describing the impression kejauhan.Alam an essential part in the composition of his paintings are always under pressure to effect-the effect is dramatic, touching. Altdorfer also has an intensive persistence and expression of human nature. Apart from making paintings with the theme of religious and mythological terms, he has also worked in the field of graphic arts, form-cukilan cukilan wood and copper, including works by etching with the motif of the landscape.

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