Biography of Big Bang - Korean Boyband

Big Bang is a South Korean boy band. This group consists of five personnel, each has a different sound or rapping parts. Before launching their career with a major record company, each member of the Big Bang is no stranger to the world of entertainment. G-Dragon, the leader, and Tae Yang has been a member of the YG Entertainment since they were 12 years old. Both are known as "GDYB" which stands for both of their names 'GD from G-Dragon and YB' of Young Bae (Tae Yang's real name). Member named TOP is known as underground hip hop rapper while Seung Ri was first entered into the world of the entertainment industry when included in Shinhwa's event, "Let's Cokeplay Battle"

After a full member of the Big Band, the television network MTV Korea to make a documentary that includes 10 episodes on their activities during their training prior to launch as a boy band. Episode 6 of the first details about the motivation and background of the amhhpya to become a singer. This documentary describes the process very heavy exercise such as dancing and singing sessions. Two members, SO-1 and Seung Ri has been considered not to be included, but they are given the opportunity to show off their skill in dancing and singing. However, Yang Hyun Suk (CEO of YG Entertainment) has finally issued a SO-1 because he was considered "too shy". Meanwhile, Seung Ri Yang Hyun Suk making skills impressed with its singing and dancing, and was elected a member of the Big Bang. Video documentary was made to commemorate the most severe of the Big Bang personnel before becoming stars in Korean entertainment industry.

When a lot of boy band type singer who has a cute, producers want to tarnish the image of YG Entertainment cute, and make a boy band who can really sing. Before making his debut as the Big Bang, its personnel had suggested several names such as Apex, Stump, and Diamond. Yang Hyun Suk, producer and founder of YG Entertainment considers that the proposed names were too childish, and assign a new name, the "Big Bang".

Big Bang officially make their first appearance at the YG Family concert, August 19, 2006 at the Gymnastics Arena, Olympic Park Seoul. At first Big Bang member 6 people, but one of his personnel have been killed (in the video documentary Big Bang episode 9) and were excluded.

Before releasing their first album, Big Bang released three EPs in a row within a few months. They released their first EP, The First Single (August 29, 2006) which produces the hit single, "This Love". The song "This Love" is a remake of the song "This Love" belongs to the American boy band Maroon 5. Single "This Love" sold 17 thousand copies sold in the month of August 2006, and then still sell approximately 40 thousand copies. Big Bang released a second EP, "Big Bang Is VIP", a month later on 28 September 2006, and sold over 21 thousand copies within a month. At the end of "Big Bang Is VIP" able to sell as many as 32 000 copies. On 22 November 2006, they released their third EP entitled BIGBANG 0 3, and successfully sold nearly 30 thousand copies.

Still in the same year, Big Bang fan club was founded under the name "VIP" (A name derived from the title of their second single, "Big Bang Is VIP"). In contrast to the other fan clubs, Big Bang fans do not have a balloon color for showing their support for the Big Bang. In lieu of balloons, they waved a handkerchief or bandana is black and white is the color of the Big Bang. In late December 2006, Big Bang's first concert titled "The Real". The following month they released their debut album Since 2007, which contains a compilation of singles-singles that were previously outstanding. Big Bang's debut album sold 48 009 copies by the end of February 2007.

On February 8, 2007, Big Bang released the concert album entitled The First / Real Life Concert which sold nearly 30 thousand copies by the end of 2007. From May to July 2007, Big Bang held their first tour of Korea, named, "With You". The concert was held in five cities: Incheon, Daegu, Changwon, Jeonju and Busan.

promotion and meeting fans. Group leader G-Dragon began producing and writing several songs for the album Always. The album was well received by fans and music critics, especially the song titled "거짓말" ("Lies"). "Lies" became the first song from the Big Bang is a tremendous hit. On SBS Hit Songs, "Lies" ranks first on 27 September 2007. The song was also ranked first in MBC's Music Core, KBS Music Bank and Mnet Countdown, as well as a number of online and charts for several weeks in a row.

Big Bang have a number of awards at the end of 2007, including Best Male Group and Best Song in the Music Festival M.NET / KM 2007. In 2008, Big Bang won award "Daesang" (Best Artist) from the 17th Seoul Music Awards. The second mini album, Hot Issue was released a few months after Always and produce their next hit single, "Last Farewell". As with the previous mini album, "Last Farewell" was also ranked at the top range of the album charts. Of Cyworld, Last Farewell won Song of the Month Digital Music Award, and is ranked the Juke-On the album charts for 8 consecutive weeks.

Their second concert tour, the Big Bang Is Great runs from December 28 until December 30, 2008. Tickets sold out in 10 minutes. Due to too tired and wounded in the concert, members of the Big Bang to be hospitalized, and their promotional activities to be delayed. Nevertheless, the album and hit single Big Bang continue to be reprinted. After the success in the country, Big Bang preparing to launch their careers in Japan. The first Japanese album of the Big Bang, For the World was released in 2008. The album contains the songs speak Korean, and Japanese-language only one song, "How Gee" (remix version of "How Gee" who had brought the Japanese group Black Machine). Their debut album in Japan until at rank 14 Oricon charts, and stalled at number 10 due to lack of promotion. On 28-29 March 2008, Big Bang held a concert in JCB Hall, Tokyo Dome City. In addition, they also released a mini album in Japan in late May under the title With U.

Having ended their business in Japan, Big Bang returned to Korea in mid-2008. After a delayed several times due to the activities of personnel solo Big Bang, they released a mini album to-3, Stand Up. In the mini album, Big Bang collaborated with the group Daishi Dance. Together with the rock group No Brain Korea, they produce rhythmic punk rock song, "Oh My Friend". From the mini album was released the single Day By Day. As with previous albums, G-Dragon is very involved in the production process Stand Up. All the songs on the album is a creation of G-Dragon, except for "A Good Man" created TOP. Best-selling mini album Stand Up surpassed 100,000 copies, while the single "Day By Day" ladder-tops the charts of South Korea for 6 consecutive weeks. At almost the same time, Big Bang released the Japanese song "Number 1" from the same titled album, Number 1, and introduce their song on the radio and television variety shows in Japan. Towards the close of 2008, Big Bang released a Korean album, Remember that produce 붉은노을 singles ("Sunset Glow").

Members of the Big Bang

Real name: Kwon Ji Yong (권지용)
Date of birth: August 18, 1988 (age 23)
Education: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School of korean
First appearance: Hip Hop Flex 2001 DaeHanMinGook
Position: Leader, rapper, lyricist, songwriter

Taeyang (SOL)
Stage name: Tae Yang, Sol
First name: YB Taekwon
Real name: Dong Young Bae (동영배
Date of birth: May 18, 1988 (age 23)
Education: Chung-Ang University
First appearance: YG Family 2nd Album 2002
Position: vocalist, choreographer

Real name: Choi Seung Hyun (최승현)
Date of Birth: 4 November 1987 (age 23)
Education: Seoul Art College (majoring in music)
Position: rapper, beat boxer, songwriter

 Daesung (D-Lite)
Stage name: Dae Sung, D-Lite
Real name: Kang Dae Sung (강대성)
Date of birth: 26 April 1989 (age 22)
Education: High School KyeongIn
Position: Vocalist

Seungri (Victory)
Stage name: Seung Ri, V.I
First name: V & Victory
Real name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Date of birth: December 12, 1990 (age 20)
Position: vocalist, choreographer

Former member
Real name: Jang Hyun Seung (장현승)
Date of birth: September 3, 1989 (age 22)
SO-1 is excluded since the ninth episode of their documentary video [4]. Now other members of the boy band named B2ST.

Korean Album
Volume 1: Since 2007 (December 21, 2006)
Volume 2: Remember (5 November 2008)

Japanese Album
For The World (January 4, 2008)
Volume 1: Number 1 (October 22, 2008)
Volume 2: With You

Korea EP (mini album)
Always (16 August 2007)
Hot Issue (22 November 2007)
Stand Up (8 August 2008)
Big Bang 4th Mini Album (February 25, 2011)

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