Eddie Murphy Biography

Eddie Murphy

Edward Regan Murphy
Brooklyn, New York, April 3, 1961


Edward Regan Murphy or better known as the Eddie Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York, 3 April 1961. Beginning a career as a comedian he is African-American descent since the age of 13 years, along with his partner Mitchell Kyser.

Next at the age of 19 years Eddie began his role in the NBC TV series, Saturday Night Live (1975), which then mebesarkan namannya.

The man who cut off divorced from Nicole Mitchell last year (17 April 2006) that, through a series of comedy Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places and The Nutty Professor won the Golden Globe nominations and in 2007 won a Golden Globe for his role in the film Dreamgirls.

Meanwhile, Eddie is mentioned ever dealt with, Melanie Brown (Spice Girls Personnel), producer Tracey Edmonds, actress Halle Berry and Tamara Moore who was born later than do Christian Murphy.

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