History of Air Supply

Air Supply is a soft rock group from Australia who presents the duo of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock. Graham Russell (guitar, vocals) was born Graham Cyril Russell, June 11, 1950 in Sherwood, Nottingham, England. Russell Hitchcock (vocals) was born Russell Charles Hitchcock, June 15, 1949 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Early career

Russell and Hitchcock first met on the first day of practice staging of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar production of Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice in Sydney, May 12 1975.Masih in the same year, they formed Air Supply. Initial formation consists of five people, including Russell and Hitchcock, Chrissie Hammond and two other members. Hammond came out and replaced by Jeremy Paul before Air Supply produced hit singles first, "Love and Other bruises" (1976). The debut album singles followed which also named Air Supply. The album was sold to achieve a gold record in Australia. Supporting musicians including keyboard player and writer arranger Adrian Scott, drummer Jeff Browne, and guitarist Mark McEntee. Among the single-single in the beginning of their careers are "Empty Pages" and "Do What You Do". Late 1976, when Rod Stewart on tour in Australia, Water Supply pembuka.Rod Stewart was asked to become the band was so impressed by Air Supply are required to continue to be the opening band when Rod Stewart tour in the United States and Canada in 1977.

On returning to Australia and left behind by other members, Air Supply was only Russell and Hitchcock. They both believe it can still be successful as a duo, and released the album re-recorded their hit songs, Love & Other bruises in 1977. Although it has been quite successful, Russel in DVD in 1995 admitted that he and Hitchcock were so poor that time could only sleep on the sofa hotel. It means that there is still enough money to buy bread, then made a toast.

The following year (1978), Water Supply to start all over after collecting some new personnel. Air Supply is supported musicians such as Frank Esler-Smith (arranger and keyboardist), David Moyse and Rex Goh (guitars), David Green (bass) and Ralph Cooper (drums).

In 1979, Air Supply released a concept album titled Life Support. By Charles Fisher as a producer, the album was recorded in the studio narrowly named Trafalgar Studios in Sydney, Australia. In an interview recorded in the DVD of 2005, Graham reminded of how little room studio. Only about 1 cm between the wall and the end of his guitar studio. Life Support album contains the song "Lost in Love" with a 5 ½-minute period of play. Russell created the song in just 15 minutes is apparently attracted the attention of the owner of the label Arista, Clive Davis. Single "Lost in Love" the Clive Davis remix was released as a single in the U.S., and sold over 2 million copies.

In the 1980s

Lost in Love album, released in 1980 produced three singles in the top 5 of the charts in the U.S.. The song "Lost in Love" until at number three, "Every Woman In The World" at number five, and "All Out of Love" at number two. In the U.S., Lost in Love album sold 2 million next keping.Tahun (1981), Air Supply released the album The One That You Love. When it was released as a single, "The One That You Love" success ranks number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Two songs from the same album in the top 10 Billboard Hot 100, "Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)" and "Sweet Dreams". To-4 singles from the album The One That You Love, "I'll Never Get Enough" was released in Japan. Singel in collaboration with Jeanne Napoli, Gary Portnoy and Judy Quay managed to enter the top 10 in Japan. The third album, released in 1982, Now And Forever produced hit "Even The Nights Are Better" and two other songs in the top Top 40, "Young Love" and "Two Less Lonely People In The World". Greatest Hits compilation album was released in 1983 with a new bonus track, "Making Love out of Nothing at All" by Jim Steinman. The song "Making Love out of Nothing at All" is one of the biggest hits of Water Supply. In the U.S., this song last three weeks at number two, and the Greatest Hits album sold over 7 million copies.

In 1984, the film Ghostbusters put on Air Supply song, "I Can Wait Forever". Although only a faint sound as background song, "I Can Wait Forever" is inserted into the Ghostbusters film music album.
Video of the first Air Supply concert, Air Supply Live in Hawaii was released in 1985. Still in the same year, "Just As I Am" was also successful in the U.S. Billboard charts. In 1987, Russell and Hitchcock recorded a Christmas album, The Air Supply Christmas Album before it disbanded in 1988. Still in the same year, Russell Hitchcock released a solo album titled Russell Hitchcock. Arachnophobia movie wearing Hitchcock solo single "Swear To Your Heart" in 1990 as a background song.


On August 21, 1989, by former Air Supply back their old producer. After a former member of the old Water Supply, Ralph Cooper rejoined, they entered the studio to record the album The Earth Is a Giant Records was released in 1991. The Earth Is the album contains the hit single, "Without You", "Stronger Than the Night" and "Stop the Tears". Video album The Earth Is World Tour's official fan club released by Air Supply.
In 1993, Air Supply released The Vanishing Race album with the theme of American Indians in the U.S.. This album helped the producer David Foster and a host of artists such as Barbra Streisand, Chicago, Josh Groban, and Celine Dion. Written lyrics Linda Thompson (wife of David Foster). The Vanishing Race album a success in Asia so it made a world tour concert in 1993.

Album News from Nowhere, released in 1995 was also a success in Asia. Inside are songs like: "Someone", "Always", and the song "Unchained Melody" which had brought The Righteous Brothers. Air Supply's success in Asia is characterized by the release of the compilation album Now and Forever: Greatest Hits Live, CD and DVD recording concert in Taipei.

Of the 2000s

After the album The Book of Love in 1997, Air Supply released the album Yours Truly (2001), and Across the Concrete Sky (2003). Air Supply is often held concerts in Asia, including India, PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia countries. In a series of world tour World Tour 2005 Air Supply, Air Supply playing in five cities in Indonesia, Semarang, Makassar, Bali, Bandung, Pekanbaru, June 16 to June 24, 2005. Previously, the Air Supply concert ever held Surabaya & Jakarta (23 to 24 November 2000), Jakarta and Medan (August 12 to 13) in 2003, and Balikpapan (December 14, 2004).
In 2005, Air Supply became the first foreign bands invited to the stage in Havana, Cuba. Of two times the planned concert, Air Supply just a gig on the first day, July 7, 2005. Concert on the first day 175 thousand spectators attended the next day before a hurricane hit Cuba and the second day of the concert was canceled.

Acoustic album to commemorate 30 years of Air Supply, The Singer and the Song was released in 2006. On December 2, 2006, for the second time they visited Kingston, Jamaica. Water Supply previously been featured in Jazz and Blues Festival Air Jamaica, January 28, 2006.



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Graham Russell solo album

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