History of the Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors basketball team USA is incorporated in the National Basketball Association.Tim is based at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario. The team joined the NBA since 1994 when dimiki by a businessman, John I. Bitove. [Together with the Vancouver Grizzlies, the team became the first Canadian team to compete in the NBA since 1946/47.Nama Raptors selected based on the type of meat-eating dinosaurs.

At the beginning of his first season, the Raptors hired Isiah Thomas, former NBA player who won two titles, as the head umum.Dulunya, this team has a headquarters called Skydome, until in 1998 moved to the Air Canada Centre.Di NBA season 19997/98, Raptors having the worst season record for wins with a 16-66 defeat.

This is due to the injuries, there was some exchange of players, and Isiah Thomas resigned that same year. Raptors have lost the best winning record (47-35) in the year 2000/1 when it is reinforced by Vince Carter and in 2006/7 when it was led by Chris Bosh. In the year 2006/7, for the first time the Raptors go on to win the division Atlantik.Pelatih and famous NBA players who retired when the Raptors defense is Lenny Wilkins and Hakeem Olajuwon.

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