Jalaluddin Rumi-The Sufi Poet

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi Hasin ibn Muhammad al-Bakri al Khattabi (Jalaluddin Rumi) or sometimes called by the name of a Sufi poet Rumi, who was born in Balkh (now Afghanistan) on the 6th of Rabiul Awwal 604 Hijri, or the date of 30 September 1207 AD. His father was Abu Bakr descent, named Bahauddin Walad. Was his mother came from the royal family Khwarazm. Rumi's father a devout scholars, mystics are forward-looking, a famous teacher in Balkh. When Rumi was 3 years old due to a clash in the royal family left Balkh towards Khorasan. Rumi brought from there moved to Nishapur, the birthplace of poet and mathematician Omar Khayyam alhi. In this city Attar met Rumi who predicted the boy would later famously refugees who will light the fire of passion Godhead.


Rumi's famous collection of poems called al-Mathnawi al-meaningful supposedly was a revolution against the loss of zeal Kalam Science and strength. Its contents also criticized the pace and direction that tends to exceed the limits of philosophy, castrated cult feelings and ratios.
Admittedly, that Rumi's poetry has its own characteristics compared to those of other Sufi poets. Through his poetry Rumi said that the understanding of the world may be obtained only through love, rather than solely through physical labor. In his poetry Rumi also said that God, as the only purpose, has no equal.
Another distinguishing characteristic of poetry Sufi poet Rumi with the work of others is often he began his poem by using stories. But this is not meant he wanted to write a narrative poem. These stories are used as a statement of thoughts and ideas.

Many found the stories in a Rumi poem that seem different but in fact has a symbolic meaning of equality. Some of the historical figure that she carries is not in the historical purpose, but it displays them as symbolic images. Figures such as Joseph, Moses, Jacob, Jesus and others show it as a symbol of the beauty of the soul that reaches ma'rifat. And it is well-known figures such as a person covered by divine love.

One of his most famous work is:
do not ask me what my religion. I'm not Jewish. not Zoroastrian. nor Islam. because I know, so a name I call, you will give another meaning than the meaning in my life.

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