John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia to-25

John Howard

John Winston Howard (born in Sydney, Australia, July 26, 1939, age 72 years) was the Prime Minister of Australia since March 11, 1996 until December 3, 2007. He is the second longest prime minister after Sir Robert Menzies Australia. Howard also was the leader of the Liberal Party from 1995 to 2007. He lost the 2007 election which was held on 24 November and should be releasing his post.

Craze and family

In addition to the commitment to the spirit of public service and the length of the Liberal Party, a lover of sport, particularly cricket weight is like a game of tennis, golf and Rugby League football team to support St. George.
He married a teacher named Janette on 4 April 1971. His marriage gave birth to three children, namely Melanie, Tim and Richard. As Prime Minister Howard divides his time between his family lived at Kirribilli House (cottage in Canberra, Sydney) and official commitments in the capital and other domestic, regional centers and rural Australia.


Howard was born in Sydney and attend school at Earlwood Primary and Canterbury Boys' High. He went to the University of Sydney and graduated Bachelor of Laws in 1961. He grew up in Earlwood area, a middle class area whose population is almost all the descendants of Anglo-Saxon. His father had a car repair shop and get adequate income. He grew up without much contact with people and the poor immigrant Australia.
When John Howard was raised in Australia in 1940-1950, the hostility between Catholic and Protestant church groups aggressively. Those who are Catholics are of Irish descent Australia and Ireland in support of Irish-British conflict. In those days Australia was predominantly middle-class Protestants. The poor working class and predominantly Catholic.

For the Howard family, their social life centered on Earlwood Methodist Church. Howard comes from a family of pro-Protestant and Catholic hate group. Mona is very conservative but showed tolerance to the communist parties agree to understand though is not it. However, tolerance does not extend to Catholics. Like many Protestant women at that time that are very prejudice (prejudice).

Howard is the son of the youngest and the most influential person in his life is Mona (his mother). Mona is the dominant influence in his life especially when he was only 16 years old when his father died.

Political career

He was active with the Liberal Party since the age of 18 when he joined the Young Liberal Movement and participated in student politics in college. On July 1962, he was accepted as a Deputy Attorney General for New South Wales Supreme Court. Before his election to Parliament, he was a partner in a finance company in Sydney.

John Howard became the 25th person to hold the post of Prime Minister since the establishment of the Federation of Australia. This followed a decisive Federal election victory on March 2, 1996. He was a federal electoral district represented Bennelong in suburban northwest and has been elected as an MP Bennelong in every federal election since 1974.
He became prime minister with extensive experience in high government and opposition. He was selected as the Business and Consumer Affairs Minister in 1975 at the age of 36 years and later served as Minister for Special Trade Negotiations and as Treasurer of the Commonwealth for over 5 years.

On September 1985, he was elected Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party colleagues as Parliamentary Leader and Leader of the Opposition until May 1989. He returned to the leadership of his colleagues unanimously on January 30, 1995. In the interim, he served as spokesman for the Coalition for a number of senior positions.

Elected as prime minister for the first time in 1996, he was reelected in the elections of 1998, 2001, and 2004. He developed back in the 2007 elections but his party defeated Labor Party. Howard himself even lost in the election, Bennelong.

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