Maria Gaetana Agnesi Biography

Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718-1799) was the eldest of 21 siblings, he was born into a wealthy Italian family, and educated and have a father, a mathematician. He mastered Latin, Greek, Jewish languages ​​and several other languages ​​at the age of 9 years. At age 20 he began a most important work, a calculus textbook. For its time, truly amazing clarity and a broader calculus textbook is the first since the early works of I'Hospital. The book gives many honors include recognition from the Emperor Maria Theresa and Pope Benedict XIV.

Agnesi mastered the name of a place in the literature of mathematics through a small donation of Mary the discussion of the curve known as versiera, which comes from the Latin meaning vertere reverse. The curve is known as the magic of Agnesi because versiera in Italian means a female devil.
On the centenary of his death, the city of Milan honoring Agnesi by giving the name of a street in his name. A first stone facade bearing the inscription Pio Luogo the contents of "educated in mathematics, the greatness of Italy and his century".

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