Milton Friedman Biography

Milton Friedman (31 July 1912-16 November 2006) is an American economist and public intellectual. He died in San Francisco (California), due to heart failure. Born in New York, he was the youngest of four brothers from a family of children of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine.

He has donated a number of thoughts in the macro-economic, micro-economics, economic history, and statistics kepengacaraan laissez-faire capitalism. In 1976, he received the Nobel Prize Award "for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy".
As an economist, the legendary and fight for individual freedom, he has influenced the economic policies of three U.S. President, that Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

In his books, Newsweek magazine column, and a public television show, he was fighting for individual freedom in economics and politics. U.S. officials praised the contribution that has delivered to millions of people an understanding of the economic benefits of a competitive free market. He could see the free market reforms spread to the former communist world and Latin America. "I hope what I wrote contributed to it, but it is not the driving force. People like me, what you did was keep these ideas open until the time when when (the ideas) is unacceptable," he said .

Together ietrinya (Rose), he established the foundation in their name in 1996 to encourage and advocate the rights of parents to choose education for their children.

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