Pelé Biography

Edison Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé (born October 23, 1940, age 71 years) is the world football legend who comes from Brazil. During his career as a player, Pele managed to bring Brazil into the Football World Champion 3 times, namely in 1958 in Sweden, in 1962 in Chile, and Mexico in 1970. Thanks to these successes, Brazil is entitled to the Jules Rimet Cup. O Rei Pelé earned the nickname or the King.


Pelé was born in Tres Coracoes is the son of a football player who played at Fluminense, Dodinho with Dona Celeste Arantes. At first he was called by the name of Dico but then he was called as Pele by his friends refer to Vasco da Gama goalkeeper who is his idol, Bile. Pelé living in poverty in Sao Paulo. He's looking for extra money as a waitress at a local tea shop. He then joined the local club Bauru since 1952 but Pele could not afford football boots. He then played by tying old newspapers on his feet as shoes, and citrus fruits as a ball.


In 1956, Pelé participated the football players at the club Santos, a small club outside of Sao Paulo. Scout who saw him and said to the President of the club that the kids 15 years old named Pelé will be a "world player" Pele then made its debut at Santos on 7 September 1957 scored a goal in a 7-1 victory against Corinthians in the exhibition match. When the league started Pelé had a major place in the senior team Santos. At the end of the season as top scorer Pelé out of the league at the age of 16 years. Within a short time, Pelé was called to join the Brazilian national team squad. After his appearance at the 1962 World Cup, European giants such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus started after him. But this is prevented by the Brazilian government by saying that Pele was part of the state treasure and not allowed to play football outside of Brazil.

The first trophy to Pele with Santos is Campeonato Paulista champions league or where Pelé was miraculously came out as pancetak scorer with 56 goals, a record that still survive to this day. A year later presented the trophy Torneio O Rei Rio-São Paulo where Santos beat Vasco da Gama 3-0. Unfortunately Santos was unable to defend the trophy Campeonato Paulista. In 1960 Pele managed to bring the Campeonato Paulista Santos will win the trophy but lost in the Rio-São Paulo Torneio. Pelé completed the competition by scoring 47 goals. Throughout his career at Santos, Pelé had offered 10 Campeonato Paulista trophy, trophy 4 Torneio Rio-São Paulo, Brazil 5 Taca trophy, a trophy Recopa Int. and Roberto Gomes Pedrosa Torneio trophy. Santos later participated in the Copa Libertadores, the most prestigious tournaments in South America, where Pele managed to bring Santos won the trophy two times in 1962 and 1963 and became the top scorers in the 1965 tournament. Pele led Santos also won the Intercontinental Cup which is now the Club World Cup tournament in 1962, beating Benfica 3-2 and 4-2 and 1963, beating AC Milan 2-4, 4-2 and 1-0 play-off. On 19 November 1969 Pele scored his 1,000-to Santos. Goals were scored by Pelé when dealing with Vasco da Gama through a penalty kick. Pelé appearance with Santos has made traveling around the world in a variety of exhibition games. One was in 1967 with Santos where Pele appeared in Nigeria in the midst of civil war. Pelé made the emergence of the war had a cease-fire for 48 hours so people could watch Pelé appeared in exhibition match in Lagos, Nigeria.
Pelé retired as a player at Santos in 1972. During the 17-year career with Santos, Pelé has collected a total of 1115 appearances and scored 1091 goals. This is a club record.

Pele is a legend of world football that dominated world football over the past two decades. He brought the Brazilian three-time world champion (1958, 1962 and 1970). Born with the name Edson Arantes do Nascimento October 23, 1940. He pursue the world of football since the age of 10 years and was discovered by Waldemar de Brito football pasa age 11 while working as a shoeshine. Four years later, de Brito brought Pele to Sao Paolo and Santos persuaded the director of professional teams to recruit Pele. De Brito expressed his belief that Pele will be the greatest footballer on earth.

Belief de Brito proved in 1962 and 1963 while Santos managed to steal the inter-club championship, even becoming the top scorer in the Brazilian league. Pele's name continues skyrocketed when Brazil became the world champion in 1958. Pele who are new to the Brazilian national team showed exceptional talent. In the next two World Cup 1962 and 1970, a very large role to Brazil's Pele can embrace the world cup trophy three times. At the 1966 World Cup champion Brazil in the favorites. Pele and Garrincha have each scored one goal when Brazil beat Bulgaria. The number of injured players make the game less sharp Brazil. Pele became the butt-defender defenders. He was in jegal, in hit-and subjected to rough tackles. Brazil finally eliminated after losing to Hungary and Portugal are in the hatched Eusebio. At the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, with most of the young Brazilian players back into a championship favorite. In the final, Brazil against Italy. In the first half Pele scored until the first half ended 1-1. In the second half Brazil beat Italy 4-1 success with additional goals Gerson, Jairzinho and Carlos Alberto. Brazil finally won the third time.

Pele is revered not only in football, he even had to stop the war. When Pele came to the 1967 exhibition match in Nigeria, the warring parties in the civil war called for a ceasefire for 48 hours so Pele could play in the Nigerian capital Lagos. As a soccer player, Pele managed to reach the peak of achievement in a relatively long compared to other players. Only a few players are able to perform excellent for five years, but Pele still look amazing for 18 years. Pele played for Santos continued until 1974. After that, in 1975 he joined the club by American Cosmos reach 7 million dollar contract and the highest transfer record at the time. Pele played for three years and closed his career with the Cosmos in the North American league title in 1977.

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