Petruk, Java puppet Figures


Petruk is punakawan figures in Javanese puppet, on the descent / clan Witaradya. Petruk is not mentioned in the book of Mahabharata. So it is clear that his presence in the world of puppetry is an original composition of Java. In the realm of Pasundan, Petruk better known as Dawala or Udel.


The past

According to puppetry, he was the son of the giant priest in the monastery and located in the sea named Begawan Salantara. Previously he was named Bambang Pecruk Panyukilan. He was fond of joking, either by words or conduct, and liked to fight. He was a select duel / magic at his residence and the surrounding area. Therefore he wanted to travel and to test the strength of his power.
On the way he met Bambang Bluluktiba Sukodadi of asceticism that goes from padepokannya on the hill, to try immunity. Because it has the same purpose, then there is a duel. They fought a very long time, hitting each other, wrestle, pull-pull, kick, kick, stomp-stomping, until his body became totally disabled and changed from the original form is handsome. The fight was then separated by Smarasanta (Semar) and accompanying Bagong Ismaya Batara. They were given advice and counsel so that eventually they give themselves and learn to Smara / Semar and serve Sanghyang Ismaya. Thus the events recounted in the play Batara Ismaya Krama.

Due to changes in the shape of each was then renamed. Bambang Pecruk Panyukilan be Petruk, while Bambang Sukodadi be Gareng.

Wives and offspring

Petruk mempuyai Ambarwati wife named Dewi, daughter of King Ambarsraya, King Country Pandansurat acquired through warfare. The suitors include: Kalagumarang and King Kalawahana Guwaseluman giant king. Petruk have to face them with a duel, and eventually he was able to beat them and come out as winners. Ambarwati goddess then brought to Girisarangan and Resi Pariknan who took her marriage. In this marriage they had a son and named Lengkungkusuma.

Petruk the puppet play

Therefore Petruk is a character comedian / joke (Java), then by a puppeteer composed a special story that is full of jokes and then followed by other puppeteers, so there are a lot of play-play that tells the stories of the ridiculous Petruk, for example, plays Petruk ilang Pethèlé ("Petruk lost his ax").
In the story of Temple Ambangan Spataharga / Saptaraga, Mustakaweni Goddess, daughter of Imantaka country, managed to steal the inheritance of Jamus Kalimasada by posing as relatives of the Pandavas (Gatutkaca), so that he could easily carry off treasures. Kalimasada later became a bone of contention between the two countries. In the turbidity and the resulting chaos, Petruk Kalimasada took the opportunity to hide, so as a powerful force and influence, Petruk can become king occupied the throne of the kingdom of King Welgeduwelbeh Lojitengara and title. The play is famous for its title Petruk Dadi Ratu ("Petruk Be King"). King Welgeduwelbeh / Petruk with his power to unlock the secrets of King Pandupragola, king Tracanggribig state, which is none other than her own brother, that Nala Gareng. And vice versa Bagong who lose from the throne of King Welgeduwelbeh Lojitengara and uncovered the secret to Petruk back. Kalimasada then returned to their original owners, Prabu Puntadewa.

Relationships with other punakawan

Petruk and other panakawan (Semar, and Bagong Gareng) always live in harmony as a family atmosphere. If there is no special interests, they are never separated from each other. About Punakawan, punakawan means "friend of the witness" or accompaniment. Witness considered valid, if made up of two people, it is best if the witness is composed of people who are not family. As a witness a person must be close and know something to be witnessed. In puppetry, witness or punakawan it is only composed of two persons, namely Semar and Bagong for Witaradya breeds.

Before Sanghyang Ismaya incarnate in his grandson named Smarasanta (Semar), except with the Bagong Semar created by the shadow, they then get Gareng / Bambang Sukodadi and Petruk / Bambang Panyukilan. After Batara Ismaya transformed to Janggan Smarasanta (a Semar), then it combines Gareng and Petruk and Bagong themselves to Semar. Here is the start of punakawan consisting of four people and then gets called by the name "parepat / Prapat".

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