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Queen Juliana
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Queen Juliana Louise Marie Wilhelmina van Oranje-Nassau (born in The Hague, 30 April 1909 - died in Baarn, March 20, 2004 at age 94 years) was Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 6 September 1948, until April 30, 1980, his birthday is to-71, when her daughter Queen Beatrix ascended the throne.
Juliana was married to Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld, a German nobleman, on January 7, 1937 and have four children Beatrix (1938), Irene (1939), Margriet (1943), and Marijke (1947), whose name was later changed to Christina.

Queen Juliana ascended the throne to replace his mother, Wilhelmina, between the years 1947 to 1948. On December 27, 1949, was formally transferred sovereignty to the chairman of the Dutch East Indies Indonesia delegation, M. Hatta, in a meeting at the Dam Palace, Amsterdam.
Dutch people like him because he was not really respect the formalities. His daughter, Beatrix, even more formally known, like his father, Prince Bernhard.
Queen Juliana had to Indonesia in 1972, carrying "a gift", among other Nagarakretagama Kakawin manuscript. This papyrus manuscripts come from Lombok and to the Netherlands because it was looted by the Colonial Army in 1894, when Dutch troops conquer Lombok.
Despite having retired from politics since 1980, he was still active in the social sector until 1995.
Dutch Queen and he finally recognized the sovereignty of Indonesia after his meeting with Mohammad Hatta in the completion of Diplomacy at the Round Table Conference in The Hague, on 23 August to 2 November 1949.

Early life

Juliana was born in Den Haag, son of Prince Hendrik, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands. Juliana spent his childhood in the Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, and in Noordeinde Palace and the Palace Huis ten Bosch in The Hague. A small school was built in the Palace Noordeinde on the advice of faculty in January Lightart so that, when he was six years old, the Princess can get primary education along with their peers. Elise is peer Baroness Bentinck, Baroness Elisabeth van Hardenbroek and Jonkvrouw Miek de Jonge.

As in the Dutch constitution tercantm if he should be ready to continue the throne at age 18, Princess Juliana of education takes place more rapidly than most other children. After 5 years of basic education, the Princess's subsequent education (up to pre-university level) by a private tutor. On 30 April 1927, Princess Juliana celebrated eighteenth birthday. Under the constitution, he has officially come of age and assumed to have enough to accept the right of the royal preogratif, if needed. Two days later, his mother placed him in the "Raad van State" ("State Board"). A woman who is quiet, shy and young religious in which his mother forbade him to use heavy makeup, Juliana did not match the image of a Princess Royal. He will, without exception, loved by almost all the Dutch people.

In the same year, the Princess entered as a student at the University of Leiden. In his first year at university, he attended lectures in sociology, jurisprudence, economics, history of religion, parliamentary history and constitutional law. In the middle school years he also entered the class about the culture of Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles, the Charter of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, international law, international affairs, history, and European law. He also taught privately by C. Snouck Hurgronje in the religion of Islam is practiced by most people in the Dutch colonies.

ejalan with the passage of time, the Queen Wilhemia start looking for a suitable husband for her daughter. It's pretty hard for a Protestant prince to match the strict standards of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Princess of Great Britain and Sweden have given the candidate but was rejected by the Princess. After meeting the noble Prince Bernhard of Lippe Bietersfeld the 1936 Winter Olympics in Bavaria, Princess Juliana royal engagements arranged by his mother. Prince Bernhard was a good businessman and although not a playboy, a "city people" whose lifestyles astonishing. Princess Juliana heavy fall in love with her fiance, the love that last a lifetime and inseparable during the war with so many scandals out of wedlock and children of the Prince is known to the public. In a legal document that states what should be the Prince Germany can and can not be done, and the amount of money he could expect from a great wealth of the Dutch Royal Family, the Queen Wilhemmia no more chance. The document was signed and the couple's engagement was announced on 8 September 1936.

Wedding announcements that separate the country because there are not believed in the leadership of Adolf Hitler. After the wedding, on 24 November 1936, Prince Bernhard granted Dutch citizenship and changed the spelling of his name from Germany to the Netherlands. They were married in The Hague on January 7, 1937, the date when the grandparents Juliana, King William III and Queen Emma, ​​married 58 years earlier. Civil ceremony held at City Hall, The Hague and pemberkatannya in the Great Church (St. Jacobskerek), also in The Hague. This young couple later bought a house in Soestdijk Palace, Baarn.

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