Steven Jam Biography,Group Band Reggae From Indonesia

Steven Jam is an homage to the concept of solo Reggae music, with album title "Feel The Vibration", an album containing 11 songs the theme of everyday life, social, and love. All the songs in this album are Steven Nugraha ciptahan Kaligis (vocalist Steven & Coconutreez). The basic concept of this album is the reggae music but given modern touches, such as Pop, Rock, etc. that would be accepted by all walks of life. Reference of which this album is Big Mountain, Sublime, 311, and Bob Marley.

Or the realization of the idea of making this album takes 6 months from the month of March 2010 with the assistance of some good old musician Reggae musicians and other musicians include Iyus Rastafara, Iyek, Getto, Aco, True Coconutreez, Indha, Boy, Deny Monkey Boots, Egi type X, type X Anto, Ewin Locks, Odit, Aksa troops Five fingers, Nyonyo Marginal, Edwin Monkey Boots, Boys n Roots Dony, Erick May, Rama BB, etc.. The process of tracking and mixing done at 267 studio.

In the selection of songs video clips to be used as seed, the selection is also adapted to the album title. The first video clip with the title kagu "Very Good" directed by Anton Ismael. Described a passion for something that has been lost with insert - insert a parody.

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