Tomisaki Kawasaki: Kawasaki disease inventor

Tomisaki Kawasaki

Just so you know, Kawasaki disease or Kawasaki syndrome has been discovered decades ago, precisely in 1967. The inventor of this disease is a pediatrician named Tomisaki Kawasaki. Doctors Kawasaki was born on February 7, 1925. He took his medical degree from the University of Chiba, Japan.

Actually, Kawasaki has been researching a strange disease that attacks the blood vessels in these children since 1961. However, he has published his research results in 1967 in Japanese.

In 1974, the publication of Kawasaki disease in the English language emerged. Since then, Kawasaki disease a major cause of heart attacks in children in Japan and North America.

In 1990, Kawasaki established a research center called the Japan Kawasaki Disease Research Center to develop the research into this disease. In addition, he also established a nonprofit organization Disease Research Center Japan Battles From Clinicians.

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