Tony Blair Biography

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born in Edinburgh, Scotland, May 6, 1953, age 58 years), known as Tony Blair is a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (the term of office between May 2, 1997 until June 27, 2007), First Lord of the Treasury, Minister of Civil Service United Kingdom, and United Kingdom Member of Parliament for Sedgefield constituency in North East England. He also served as Labour leader since the death of John Smith in 1994 until 2007.

Three years later, he brings to the leadership of the Labour Party after 18 years successive governments controlled by the Conservative Party. Blair is a former Prime Minister of Labour with the longest tenure, and the only person who has led the party through three elections in a row.

His party had won a majority in the General Election in 2005 the United Kingdom on May 5, 2005.
Blair had visited Jakarta on March 29, 2006. This visit was the first visit by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to South East Asia in the last 21 years. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom last visited Jakarta is Margaret Thatcher in 1985.

Titles and Respect

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, (1953-1983)
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, Esq, MP (1983-1994)
The Rt Hon Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, MP (1994-2007)
The Rt Hon Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (2007 -)


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