Biography of Lee DeForest

Lee DeForest
Lee DeForest

In addition to Marconi, who participated instrumental in the development of radio technology was Lee DeForest. He is a physicist from the United States who managed to find a triode or audion tube in 1906. De Forest was born in Council Bluff, Iowa, United States on August 26, 1873. He is often called the father of radio, television grandfather, a doctor of physics, and has successfully created 300 inventions.

Triode or audion tube was an important tool that is widely used in radio, telephone, radar, television, and computers. In 1912, De Forest found that the triode or audion tube amplifier can be used as an electrical signal and power oscillations. When the triode widely used in various communications tools, but since 1947 triode transistor is replaced by technology. Although the technology he invented triode replaced by other technologies, but De Forest was still regarded as a leading figure in the field of electronics.

De Forest was born of a family pastor. His father was a preacher and fanatic who wants to prepare De Forest to be a priest like him. When he was 6 years old, she and her family moved to Alabama. As a good priest, the family De Forest has always defended the weaker. De Forest's father founded a school for Negroes despite getting huge opposition from the white The people.

De Forest students with a strong and disciplined by his father to become a pastor. Even so, it did not dampen the interest and talent in the world of machines. He was not further explore the science of divinity, but instead to devote his attention in engine technology. At the age of 30 years he liked to make a mini steam engine and locomotive mini.

When he was 20 years (1893), De Forest received at Yale University. Due to the limitations of the family economy, De Forest was forced to attend classes while working rough. Many people believed that the actual De Forest did not include students who are smart. Nevertheless, in 1899 he earned a doctorate of physics, with a dissertation on radio waves.

After earning his doctorate, De Forest worked at Western Electric Company in
Chicago, United States. He worked on the dynamo, telephone, and laboratory experiments. In 1902, De Forest established the telegraph company. Subsequently in 1907, he founded the phone company. But due to lack of talent in
entrepreneurship, the company finally  insolvent De Forest. The disadvantage lies in the
the difficulty in selecting good employees and easily deceived by others. Of
In terms of personality, De Forest, including people who have trouble making decisions, individualistic, and egocentric. After a career for about 55 years,insolvent De Forest last breath on June 30, 1961 in Hollywood, California at the age of 88 years.

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