Carlos Slim Biography

Carlos Slim Biography
Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim Helu Aglamaz (born January 28, 1940, age 71 years) was a businessman in the communications industry, the telecommunications company Telefonos de México and América Móvil. On July 3, 2007, a report by Mexican financial journalist Eduardo Garcia indicated that Slim's fortune (U.S. $ 67.8 billion) has exceeded the wealth of Microsoft founder Bill Gates (U.S. $ 59.2 billion), making it the world's richest man.

His father Julian Slim Haddad is Aglamaz, a Lebanese Christian Maronite who in his youth fled to Mexico in 1902 to avoid the harsh military rule of the Ottoman Empire. His father and two brothers arrived at the port of Tampico Mexico, then to Mexico City, where in 1911, Julian founded the grocery store called La Estrella del dry Oriente and the bet and buy some prime real estate in the city center - and come out as a step in the right.

"It is courage," said Slim Helu, "He taught me no matter how bad the crisis, Mexico is not going to disappear, and if I have faith in this country, the investment will eventually pay careful.

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