Harun Ar-Rashid, The Islamic Golden Government

Harun Ar-Rashid, The Islamic Golden Government
Harun Ar-Rashid

Harun Ar-Rashid was born in Rayy in 766 and died on March 24, 809, in Thus Spake, Khurasan. Harun Ar-Rashid was the fifth caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate and ruled between the years 786 to 803. Her father, Muhammad al-Mahdi, the third caliph and his brother, Musa al-Hadi was named caliph ketiga.Ibunya Jurasyiyah Khayzuran came from Yemen.

Although derived from the Abbasid dynasty, Harun Ar-Rashid known to be close to family Barmaki of Persia (Iran). In his youth, Aaron learned a lot from Khalid Al-Yahya ibn Barmak.

The era of Aaron, which was continued by Ma'mun ar-Rashid, known as the golden age of Islam (the Golden Age of Islam), in which Baghdad was one of the world science center.

In his reign:

* Creating security, peace and welfare.
* Build the city of Baghdad with magnificent buildings.
* Building a place of worship.
* Establish a means of education, health, and trade.
* Establishing Baitul Hikmah, as an institution that serves as a translator colleges, libraries, and research.
* Assemblies Al-Muzakarah Building, the assessment agency religious issues held in homes, mosques and palaces.

Harun Al-Rashid Khalifah That Is not Love Foya Foya!

Many people believe that the caliphs of Bani 'Abbas, Harun al-Rashid was a rah-rah love and loving-loving, live in gelamour life.

But actually, not so. Harun al-Rashid is very different from that condition at all. He is Abu Ja'far, son of Harun al-Mahdi, Muhammad ibn al-Mansur, one of the caliphs of Bani Daulah 'Abbasids in Iraq, who was born in 148 H.

He replaces his brother became caliph, al-Hadi in the year 170 H. He is the best caliph, and the king of the world's greatest at that time. He used to go for Hajj one year and war a year. Even though as a caliph, he still managed to pray that when calculated per day up to a hundred cycles until his death. He did not leave it except when there are elderly. Similarly, he used to give alms from his personal treasure every day of 1000 dirhams.

He who loves science and the prosecution of science, exalt the honor of Islam and religious hatred and the sophist in the words of a conflict with the Qur'aan and as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah.

He 179 H berumrah year in the month of Ramadan, and continues in a state of ihram to perform the obligation of Hajj. He is walking distance from Mecca to the plain of Arafah.

He managed to control the city Hiracle and deploy its troops in the Roman world to no longer remain a Muslim would become prisoners in their kingdom. He sent his troops, who then conquered the fortress Cicilia, Malconia and Cyprus, and a charming population of 16 000 people.

Harun al-Rashid died at the age of 45 years or the 46-year war in Khorasan in the year 193 H.

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