James Gwee - Trainer Most Favorites Indonesia

James Gwee
James Gwee
James Gwee is known as one of the top speakers in Indonesia, although he was born and raised in Singapore. Seminars are able to motivate attendees while improving their performance in their respective fields.

"... Mr. James Gwee can help me increase my sales force motivation for Sale", said one of the seminar participants.

James Gwee then how could a favorite speaker at Indonesia, Singapore and he is stateless?

James in fact had come to Indonesia in 1990.

At first, James Gwee actually graduated with a degree in IT in Singapore. After that, he founded a school / place a computer course with his friends.

Of the school is actually his public speaking abilities began to flourish. In addition to following a workshop on how to speak in public, things that contribute a lot in his speaking ability is when he should visit the schools to do presentations or demos for school computers.

The school is quite successful, so that makes it create a franchise (a franchise) and one of the first franchisee in Indonesia. Well, because James was the only person who could speak a little Malay language so she decides to come to Indonesia in order to take care of the franchisee.

Arriving in Indonesia, James saw that our country is an interesting place and full of opportunities. So he decided to stay a while in Indonesia to find out more about this country.

Finally, he sold the stock computer school and decided to stay in Indonesia. He then began to offer consultation and a workshop on customer service and the like.

His decision to sell the shares it certainly is a risk. Have a good life, but want to release what he has to start from scratch.

In Indonesia, the first James was only offered counseling to employees only, but later he expanded by opening a workshop for the public.

The first workshop is not an immediate success, even just attended by 15-20 people because in the early 90s such seminars and workshops have not been so popular. Because of this, James Gwee be a pioneer for the seminar / workshop type.

As time passed, it's no wonder James got his "Indonesia's Favorite Trainer" because he always delivered the tips are practical and easy to understand in each seminar. In addition, the style of the 'mix' between Indonesia and Britain, as well as the delivery of humorous and full of energy were able to motivate and attract people of Indonesia.

Besides Indonesia, James even has conducted seminars at companies and organizations in various countries such as speaking for the top 800 directors in India, 1200 to motivate insurance agents in South Africa, as well as other countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Through seminars, James Gwee and dimpimpinnya institutions (Academia Education & Training), has also won awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) on 24 November 2009 as the initiator and general thematic seminar speaker with the highest variation, eight thematic variations within a years.

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