Sir Lionel Luckhoo ,World's Most Successful Lawyer

Sir Lionel Luckhoo
Sir Lionel Luckhoo

Sir lionel luckhoo world's most successful lawyers
Lionel Luckhoo The World's most successful lawyer, Win 245 consecutive murder.
Who are the lawyers always win litigants in court? United States notes as a lawyer Sir Lionel Luckhoo unbeaten throughout history. Namely by freeing 245 consecutive murder defendants.

As noted in, the achievements of this Indian tribe attorney inscribed between 1940 and 1985.

"Concentrate your client's eyes and face. As by your client's life is in your hands. And Convince the judge that your client is innocent and deserves acquitted, "said Luckhoo.

Luckhoo born in New Amsterdam, Guyana, South America on March 2, 1914. Luckhoo born into a family prominent lawyer. Luckhoo was educated at Queen's College, Georgetown, Guyana. Then he took medical education at St.. Thomas, Guyana.

However, he was disgusted with the work of dissecting-surgical patients. Then he slammed stir studied law and eventually joined the Middle Temple lawyer associations England in 1940.

In World War II he moved to the land of Uncle Sam. In the United States, he joined with his brothers, who first established the practice attorney who has a law office and Luckhoo Luckhoo Lawfirm.
During that time, he carved a phenomenal record of 245 cases of murder that is liberating in a row. She won a varied, could be in the court of first instance or on appeal.

His achievement, he earned the nickname of the world's most successful lawyer. During that time, he also practiced as a lawyer in England. Not only that. He also served as a judge on the Supreme Court of Guyana. Luckhoo finally breathed his last on December 12, 1997.

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