Ade Rai,a Bodybuilding Indonesia

Ade Rai,a Bodybuilding Indonesia
Ade Rai

Ade Rai full name I Gusti Agung Rai Kusuma Yudha (born in Jakarta, May 6, 1970, age 41 years) is a bodybuilding athlete Indonesia. Bali was a bloody man had won several national and international achievements during a career as a bodybuilder. After his retirement he founded and has several gyms and health clubs and fitness in Jakarta, Bali and Malang.

Ade Rai Diet Tips
As someone who had a pattern eating, Ade Rai has some tips that often he was for, among others:

1. Come first fibrous food (vegetables, fruit) before taking the other two dishes. 2.Drink plenty of water, avoid drinks high sugar yield. 3. Do not take carbohidrat dishes (rice, rice cake, rice cake) along with fat sources (coconut milk, chicken skin, beef fat). 4. Spaced a few hours to sleep after eating. 5. Diet does not mean cutting back on food, and increased activity, but still eat normal portions carbohidrat only a reduced amount.

Some of its past achievement include:
IFBB Indonesian National Championship, 1st Heavyweight & Overall, Best bodybuilder (1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2007)
ABBF / IFBB Mr. Asia (1995 & 1998) & Mr.ASEAN (1995)
IFBB SEA Games Gold Medal (1997)
MUSCLEMANIA WORLD, 1st Light Heavyweight & Overall Winner (1996)
WORLD PROFESSIONAL super, Overall Winner (2000)

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