Charles Grigg Biography

Charles Grigg Biogtraphy
Charles Grigg

Charles Leiper Grigg (1868-1948) was the inventor of soda Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime, which is now known as the 7 Up. He found the drink in October 1929. Grigg became famous with carbonated beverage business after moving to St. Petersburg. Louis, Missouri. Before finding the 7 Up, Grigg had created an orange soft drink flavor called "Whistle" for the Vess Soda Company, which is still made ​​and sold in St. Louis.

There is a popular story about Charles Leiper Grigg who mentioned that he was an albino, and that red dot on the bottle was supposed to represent his red eyes. In fact, there is no official reference that Grigg was an albino, and in the photographs (black and white) normal pigmented eyes. 7 Up logo with a red dot was just used in the 1970's, after Grigg died.

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