The History of Ka'bah

The History of Ka'bah

The Ka'bah is also called Bayt al `Atiq (Arabic: بيت ال عتيق, Old House) is a restored building at the time of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail Ismail after the Prophet was in Mecca on the orders of Allah SWT. In the Quran, Sura 14:37 implies that the shrine has been a sacred site as the Prophet Ibrahim put Hajar and baby Ismail at these locations.

At the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW was 30 years old (about 600 AD and has not appointed a messenger at the time), the building was renovated again by flash floods that hit the city of Mecca at the time. Had been a dispute between the head of a tribe or tribes when they wanted to put the stone back to the Black Stone in one corner of the Ka'ba, but thanks to the settlement of the dispute Muhammad successfully settled without bloodshed and without the injured party.

On the eve of the Prophet Muhammad was appointed to his move to the city of Medina, which was originally the shrine building houses of worship of religious monotheism (Tawheed) the teachings of Prophet Ibrahim had turned into a shrine in which the Arabs put about 360 idols / statues that represent the gods polytheism of the Arabs when the darkness of thought (jahilliyah) but as the teachings of Prophet Ibrahim, who is the ancestor of the Arabs and the Jews as well as the teachings of Prophet Moses to the Jews, God the Creator dipersekutukan and should not be worshiped together with any object or creature nevertheless and not has a single intermediary to worship Him and nothing is like it and do not have children and not begotten (Surah Al-Ikhlas in the Qur'an). Ka'ba ultimately cleared of religious statues polytheism when the Prophet Muhammad freed the city of Mecca without bloodshed and restored as a house of religious worship Tawheed (Islam).

The next building is managed and maintained by the Children Sya'ibah as a key holder the Ka'ba and the administration and services regulated by the government both Hajj administration Caliph Abu Bakr, Umar bin Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan, Ali bin Abi Talib, Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan, Ummayyah Dynasty, Abbasid dynasty, dynasty Ottoman Turks, until now the kingdom of Saudi Arabia's government is acting as a servant of two holy cities, Mecca and Medina.
At first shrine buildings consist of two doors and the location of the shrine door is located on the ground, not like now that the door is a bit high. By the time Muhammad was 30 years old and has not appointed an apostle, made renovations to the shrine from the severe floods. At that time there is a shortage costs, the shrine buildings made just one door. There is also a part that is not put into building the Ka'ba, called Hijir Ismail, a semi-circle marked on one side of the shrine. When the door is made of high located so that only the Quraysh leaders who can enter, because the Quraysh tribe or tribes that are glorified by the Arabs at that time.

Prophet Muhammad once again thought better to renovate the shrine because his family had converted to Islam, as represented words written in a hadith: "If my people are not just left disbelief, will I send down the door of the Ka'ba and made two-door and put into a shrine Hijir Ismail" , as the foundation that was built by Prophet Ibrahim.

When Abdullah bin Zubair ruled the Hejaz region, the building was rebuilt according to the sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAW, which is on the foundation of the Prophet Ibrahim. But when a war with Abdul Malik bin Marwan local authorities Sham (Syria, Jordan and Lebanon now) and Palestine, there is a fire on the shrine due to bullet thrower (onager) owned Sham forces. Abdul Malik bin Marwan who later became caliph, doing renovations on the building back to the shrine at the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW and not based on the foundation of the Prophet Ibrahim. In the subsequent history of the shrine several times suffered damage as a result of the war and because the life of the building.

When the Caliph Harun Al reign Rashid Abbasid Caliphate in the successor plan to renovate the shrine again according to the foundation of the Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Muhammad SAW desired. but was soon stopped by one of the leading scholars that Imam Malik because it was feared would become a shrine apart pairs event of the rulers after him. So that the building remains on the renovation of the shrine Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan until now.

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