Jerry Yang-The Founder of Yahoo

Jerry Yang-The Founder of Yahoo
Jerry Yang-The Founder of Yahoo

Jerry Yang Chih-Yuan (born 6 November 1968) is a US-Taiwan-blooded businessman, founder of Yahoo! Inc. along with David Filo, as well as the Chief Executive for the company's employees. He also was one of two Chief Yahoo! and the board of directors.

In 2007, his fortune estimated at 2.2 Billion U.S. dollars as the person who placed the 432 richest in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

Beginning in 2012, Yahoo's Jerry Yang finally leave, the company he founded in 1995. He left Yahoo completely, no longer a position he held there, including his seat on the board of directors. This was done just two weeks after Yahoo chose a new CEO, Scott Thompson. He has a 3.69 percent stake in Yahoo, while also founder David Filo of Yahoo has 6 percent. The amount is based on data from April to May 2011.

Early life

Born in the capital city of Taipei, Taiwan on 6 November 1968, Yang moved to San Jose, California at the age of ten, with her mother and brother. The father died when she was two years old. He alleges that while his mother was a teacher of English, he only knows one word of English when it moved to America. Mastering the English language in just three years, he was then placed in a class of Advanced Placement Program (AP).
Who graduated from middle school Sierramont, and Piedmont Hills High School, and so receive a Diploma of Science (BS) and the Advanced Diploma of Science (MS) in the majors eletrik from Stanford University, where he was Phi Kappa Psi fraterniti experts.

When studied in the Department Eletrik at Stanford University, he and David Filo in April 1994 consisting of an Internet page to another web page guide known as "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web". He was named as Yahoo, backronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle", but Yang and Filo bertegas bahawa they chose that name because they sukakan general definition of yahoo: "rude, concise, not neglected". Yahoo became very popular, Yang and Filo menyedari with setting up the potential for commercial and Yahoo! Inc.. in April 1995.

Yahoo! began as a web portal to view a web guide to the range of output and extensive pelauanan for ditalian activity, and now is one of the leading internet sites and has the highest traffic network on the internet.

Personal life

Who is married to Akiko Yamazaki, who grew up in Costa Rica. He is a graduate of Stanford University with a diploma in the industry majors. He met Akiko Yamazaki outside the state in the Stanford program in Kyoto in 1992.
Who is now an expert Steering Institute for Alibaba, the Asian Pacific Fund, Cisco and Yahoo! Japan, and also the Stanford University Institute of Amanah.

On February 2007, Jerry Yang and his wife pledged USD $ 75 million to Stanford University, their alma mater, much of it will be for building a new building on the campus of the natural surroundings.

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