Kashio Tadao-Founder of Casio Computer Co.

Kashio Tadao-Founder of Casio Computer Co.
Kashio Tadao

Casio is a big name in the industry calculator. In fact, at the beginning of Tadao Kashio, founder of Casio Computer Co., began to run this business by producing a calculator. Today's business empire, which was built in April 1946, prducing electronic equipment.

Tadao Kashio was born in November 1917 in Nagoku City, Japan. Before the age is 2, he built a factory, called Kashio Seisakoju, which produces pipe tobacco. His own luck in this business.

One day in 1949, he saw a business convention in Tokyo, Japan with her ​​sister. They have enthusiastically with an electric calculator. Then they started making electric calculator. To begin with, they use the advantages of pipe tobacco business. At that time, calculator widely used gear and hand operation using the machine. Later, they found a calculator using solenoids. They completed this project in 1954.

This calculator is a concern in Japan at that time. Calculator, designed by Kashio, is the first mechanical calculator electronics in Japan. Also it is the first calculator that uses 10-digit keypad. Then they produced a calculator, 14-A series, in 1957. That is the world's first compact calculator.

In 1972, Casio produced a personal calculator, mini calculator, whose price was 12.800 yen per unit. Sold more than 10 million units. In 1974, Casio produced Casiontron, automatic calendar. In fact, since 1980, producing electronic music casio, keyboard, named Casiotone. Today, Casio is not only known as a manufacturer of calculators.

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