Khalid bin Walid-Saifullah Al-Maslul

Khalid bin Walid-Saifullah Al-Maslul

Khalid ibn al-Walid (584-642), often abbreviated as Khalid bin Walid, was a warlord during the reign of the first four caliphs renowned and feared on the battlefield and was dubbed the Al-Maslul Saifullah (the sword of God is drawn). He was one of the important warlords who were unbeaten throughout his career.


Khalid was born about 17 years before the development of Islam. He was member of the tribe of Banu Makhzum, a branch of the tribe of Quraysh. His father and mother named Walid Lababah. Khalid was among the Prophet's family are very close. Maimunah, aunt of Khalid, was the wife of the Prophet. By Omar Khalid himself had no family ties, that is his cousin. One day in his childhood the cousins ​​are playing wrestling. Umar Khalid can break legs. Fortunately, with over a foot care can be straightened again Umar well.

Initially Khalid bin Walid was Quraish warlord known for his cavalry. At the Battle of Uhud, who saw a gap weakness Khalidlah Muslim troops who became weak after the spoils of war and eager to take down from the Mount Uhud and beat Muslim army at the time. But after the war began to enter Islam's Khalid.

Khalid's father called from the Bani Walid bin Mughirah Makhzum, was one of the most powerful leader among the Quraish. He was very wealthy. He respects the Kaaba with very deep feelings. Once the two years it was he who provides the cloth covering the Kaaba. At the time of the Hajj he fed freely to all who come together in Mina.

When the Quraysh fix Kaaba no one dared to tear down the walls of the old. All people fear that if he fell and died. Seeing this atmosphere Walid came forward armed with shovels, shouting, "O, Lord do not be angry with us. We intend either to your house".

Prophet hoping against hope with all my heart, so that Walid converted to Islam. This expectation arises because Walid a brave knight in the eyes of the people. Because of that he admired and respected by many people. If he had converted to Islam hundreds of people will follow.

Walid felt in his heart, that Al-Qur 'an it was the words of God. He once told honestly and openly, that he can not part of the beauty and power of the holy verses.

Banu Makhzum have important tasks. In the event of war, Banu Muhzum who take care of the armory and arsenal combat power. This tribe is gathering weapons for the horses and soldiers.

No other branch of the Quraysh tribe could be more proud as Banu Makhzum. When held against the deadly siege of Muslims valley of Abu Talib, Banu Makhzumlah people who first raised his voice against the siege.

The first exercise

We do not know much about Khalid in his childhood. But one thing we know for sure, Khalid's father was one. He has an orchard that stretched from the city of Mecca to Taif. Her father's wealth is create Khalid is free of obligations.
He more freely and not have to learn a trade. He does not have to work to supplement income parents. Life without a bond given the opportunity to follow his favorite Khalid. His passion is boxing and fighting.

At that time the work in the art of war is considered as a sign of a Satria. Warlords means a great leader. Heroism is an honorable thing in the eyes of the people.
Khalid's father and uncle are some people who are respected in the eyes of the people. This gives a strong impetus to Khalid to get a respectable position, like his father and uncle-pamanya. The only demand that Khalid is a person who can cope with his friends in power in terms of race.

That is why he threw himself into the art of war and martial arts. Actually learn the skill of riding a horse, sword play and archery. He also devoted himself to lead an army into the case. Original talents, coupled with rigorous training, fostering Khalid has become an extraordinary. Admirable skill and courage of everyone.

Views about the tactics of war showed amazing everyone. One can plainly see, that he would become an expert in military art.
From his childhood he gave hope to be a great military expert jenialnya.

Against Islam

On his childhood Khalid has seen prominent among his friends. He has been able to win a special place in the hearts of the people. Khalid rise over time become the leader of the tribe of Quraysh. At that time the people of Quraish were hostile to Islam. They are very anti-religious and hostile to Islam and the adherents of Islam.I a danger to the faith and customs of the people of Quraysh. The Quraysh loved customary habits. Therefore they took up arms to combat the Muslims. Islam must be destroyed before the buds grow deep-rooted. Khalid Quraishi as a brave young man and eagerly stood in line at the forefront in striking at Islam. It is reasonable and in tune with the will of nature.

Since childhood, youth Khalid Quraishi was determined to be a hero. This opportunity is gained in these conflicts with the Muslims. To prove his talent and skill, he must show himself in every battle. He must show his tribe its quality as a fighter.

Uhud events

Defeat the Quraysh in the battle of Badr makes them so weak-minded, because of regret and hot heart. They feel humiliated. A sense of arrogance and pride of the Quraysh tribe had them as mud slid into disrepute. Charcoal has been tarnished in advance the people of Quraysh. As though they could no longer lift himself from the mud of this humiliation. They immediately made preparations to avenge the bitter experiences that occurred at Badr.

As a young man of Quraish, Khalid bin Walid, too, felt the bitter bitter defeat. Because he wanted to take revenge of his tribe in a battle of Uhud. Khalid with his army moved to Uhud with a determination to win or die. Muslims in the battle of Uhud took a position with his back to the hill of Uhud.

Even though both the defense position, there is still a concern. Mount Uhud there is an isthmus, where the army of Quraysh to rush in defense of Islam. To keep this isthmus, the Prophet put the best 50 were archers. The Prophet ordered them to survive at all costs. In what circumstances nevertheless were not to leave their posts.

Khalid bin Walid led the right wing of the Quraysh army four times larger than the Muslims. But they hesitated, kekalahant remember that they had experienced defeat at Badr. Because of this defeat they became small hearts the courage to face the Muslims.

It was also once the troops start fighting with the Quraish well. But after the Muslims began to break down their defense, they have failed to defend the land they walk on.

Strength becomes fragmented. They ran disintegrated. Events over and over again at Badr Uhud. Times of crisis is threatening the people of Quraysh. But Khalid bin Walid was not shaken and remain steely nerves. He gathered his men back and look for good opportunities to make a decisive blow.

Seeing the Quraysh fragmented archers who served precarious ground could not stand the liver. Islamic forces attracted by the war treasure, treasure that is in the bodies of the Quraish. Without thinking of the consequences, most of the archers, the isthmus guard left his post and charged spaciousness.

Defense isthmus became vacant. Khalid bin Walid immediately saw an opportunity this good. He stormed into the ground precarious and urgent. Some archers are still living together beaten. Isthmus ruled by Khalid and their troops to be free to demolish the Muslims from behind.

With unrivaled speed Khalid entered from the rear and to demolish the Islamic center of defense. See Khalid had entered through the isthmus, the Quraysh who had fled reassemble fragmented and follow in the footsteps Khalid attacked from behind. Winners of a few minutes ago, now again besieged from all sides, and their situation becomes critical.

Khalid bin Walid was change victory at Uhud the Muslims became a ruin. Quraisylah should people who lost and fragmented. But because gemilangnya Khalid as a war strategist, has disunglapnya defeats into a victory. She finds the holes that the weakness of the defense of Islam.

Only a hero can Khalidlah seek a moment of weakness of his opponent. And he's also capable of pulling back troops that had been fragmented and forced him to fight again. Extraordinary art of war is what reveals the defeat of Uhud into a victory for the people of Quraysh.


When Khalid bin Walid Prophet embraced Islam very happy, because Khalid has the ability to fight that can be used to defend Islam and raised to fight jihad kalimatullah. In many instances war Islam Khalid bin Walid was appointed commander of the war and showed excellent results for all the jihad effort.

In the reign of Abu Bakr, Khalid Islamic territory mandated to expand and create a frenzy of Roman and Persian forces. In 636, Arab forces led by Khalid managed to control Syria and Palestine in the Battle of Yarmuk, marking the start of the rapid spread of Islam outside Arabia.

In the reign of Umar bin Khattab, Khalid was dismissed from the battlefield and the duties assigned to be the ambassador. This is done by Umar Khalid not to be deified by the Muslims at that time.

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