Rocker Yoda (Prattyoda Bhayangkara) Indonesian Idol 2012

Prattyoda Bhayangkara
Prattyoda Bhayangkara

Rocker Yoda (Prattyoda Bhayangkara) Indonesian Idol 2012 --- ODA, as he often called at the event show Indonesian Idol 2012. Judging by the episode came on the totality of a rocker. Starting from the style of dress, personality, to the songs and sound show Indonesian Idol 2012 Yoda as rock music lovers.

A separate luck for Yoda when he joined the talent search competition Indonesian Idol 2012 this time. A Hitsmaker Ahmad Dhani was appointed as a judge of talent, has signaled it might be a rock musician who she adopted in the arena of Indonesian Idol 2012. Judging reasonable if the time, Ahmad Dhani straight "yes" to the sound character and appearance of Yoda (Prattyoda Bhayangkara) in Indonesian Idol 2012. Joked-was increased from the mouth of Ahmad Dhani if Yoda fits into Dewa 19 vocalist.

Music Career Profiles Yoda (Prattyoda Bhayangkara) Indonesian Idol 2012

First foray into the world of music when he joined the band D'suit, every few months to leave Yoda of the band and joined the band origin Kebumen Today. Year 2008-2009 was the beginning of the seriousness of Yoda in music. Band Together Today, Yoda keen to follow the music festival event of the district level to national level. Some festival title has ever achieved. Today Band Yoda and often also a guest of musicians / bands for promo tour was a visit to a band filling for one cafe in town.

Anyway, whatever it is, hopefully Rocker Yoda Indonesian Idol 2012 could prove he deserves to be The Next Indonesian Idol and success always.

Profile Biodata Prattyoda Bhayangkara

Name: Prattyoda Bhayangkara
Call: Oda / Yoda
Ttl: Kebumen, February 9, 1987
Address: Jl. HM. Sarbini 76, Prumpung, Kebumen
Education: ISI Yogyakarta (2005)
Favorite musician: John Mayer, Steven Tyler, Jim Morrison

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