Rudolf Dassler-The founder of Puma

Rudolf Dassler-The founder of Puma
Rudolf Dassler
Rudolf Dassler (born in Herzogenaurach, Erlangen-Hochstadt, Germany, March 26, 1896 - died in Herzogenaurach, Erlangen-Hochstadt, Germany, October 27, 1974 at age 78 years) was a German businessman and the founder of the sportswear company PUMA. He is the brother of Adolf Dassler, founder of Adidas. Rudolf and his brother Adi competition immediately to compete because of their industry.
Rudolf company originally called "Ruda" (Rudolf Dassler), then transformed into PUMA.
Under his leadership PUMA is still a small company and regionalism. Under the new leadership of his son Armin Dassler, PUMA became a widely known company in the world today.
Rudolf Dassler died on October 27, 1974 due to lung cancer.

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