Sandro Rosell-President of FC Barcelona

Sandro Rosell-President of FC Barcelona

Alexandre Rosell i Feliu (born March 6, 1964 in Barcelona, Spain), commonly known as Sandro Rosell pronunciation:, is the current president of FC Barcelona. With an MBA from Barcelona, start date, Rosell known as running mates and senior adviser of Joan Laporta during the presidential elections at FC Barcelona in 2003. In addition, he was known to bring Ronaldinho to the Nou Camp in the same year.

Business Activities

In 2008, Sandro Rosell created Ailanto, a sports-marketing firm dedicated to organize football events in Brazil. In November 2008, Ailanto was given the rights by the President of the Football Federation of Brazil, Ricardo Teixeira, to organize a friendly match between Brazil and Portugal. A week before the Brasília match, the government of the Federal District signed a contract to pay Ailanto 9m reais ($4m at the time) for the marketing rights and for other loosely defined services, including arranging transport and accommodation for both teams’ players. That deal is now being investigated for padding and corruption.

The public prosecutoroffice in Brasília says that receipted expenditure relating to the game was only around 1m reais—and that in any case the Football Federation of Brasília (FBF), an affiliate of the CBF, had paid. It also says that, although the Federal District government bought the rights to the game, the money from ticket sales went to the FBF. Brasília’s police force is investigating irregularities and has searched Ailanto’s premises in Rio de Janeiro, seizing documents.

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