Tommaso Masaccio Biography

Masaccio (born Tommaso Cassai or in some other places in Ser Giovanni di Tommaso Mone, born December 21, 1401, died autumn 1428) was the first great painter in the Renaissance period the Italian Quattrocento. The walls are paintings of the first monument of Humanism flow, and introduces the terms plasticity / elasticity such as plastics that have not been seen in painting the human figure.

Masaccio name is a humorous version of Tommaso's name, which means Tom is "great", "fat", "clumsy" or "dirty". The name was created to separate himself from the people who are working with, also called Tommaso, who later became known as Masolino (Tom is a small / gentle).

Although only a short career, he has a great influence on other artists. He was one of the first to use scientific perspective in his paintings, using techniques such as point of disappearing in the art for the first time. He also left the Gothic style and develop in terms of ornamentation of artists like Gentile da Fabriano to a more natural style which uses perspective to achieve a more realistic picture.

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