Viktor Orbán-Prime Minister of Hungary

Viktor Orbán-Prime Minister of Hungary
Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán (born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, May 31, 1963, age 48 years) is a Hungarian politician. He was serving Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary in 1998-2002. Center-right wing party, the conservative Fidesz leaders won a majority of seats in parliament in the second round of elections held on 25 April 2010.

Institute for National Election on Sunday said 98.1% of valid votes, Fidesz won 263 seats of the total 386 parliamentary seats. Majority vote of five seats more than 258 seats needed to dominate the two-thirds of the parliamentary mandate. In the first round held 11 April 2010, Fidesz won 53% of the vote or 206 seats.

At the time of the campaign, Fidesz promised to make reforms in a number of strategic and vital sectors. Starting with the reform agenda or the restoration of law, especially laws and regulations including the Electoral Act and Constitution. Orbán government also promised to pull Hungary out of economic recession the country twist.

Fidesz has led the coalition government in the years 1998-2002. Through Orbán, Fidesz back determined to realize its promises such as reducing salaries and local government employees who had previously experienced a huge increase. He also wants to cut red tape and local money that has been draining state coffers.

Orbán promised to revise the law citizenship on  double to 3 million ethnic Hungarians living in neighboring countries. During his campaign, Orbán also promised to create one million jobs over 10 years in the country. All were aimed at stimulating the economy. Orbán was determined to simplify the tax system. Investors are keen to see clear plans in realizing low taxes and hope there will be no budget deficit.

Starting from a victory at election in the city in October 2009, Fidesz noted that as the restoring public confidence about the importance of reform. Orbán wanted to renew the contract with the international donor agencies like the IMF and the European Union which had saved Hungary from the financial crisis in October 2008. Previous contract will be ended by October 2010. Fidesz wanted to put forward new proposals to revive economic growth.

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