Rick Allen "Def Leppard"- One Hand Drummer

Rick Allen "Def Leppard"
Richard John Cyril "Rick" Allen (born 1 November 1963) was the drummer for British hard rock band Def Leppard. He is known to address the complete amputation of his left arm and continued playing with the band, which then goes to the greatest popular success worldwide. The fans are now calling "Thunder God"

Rick Allen is the drummer for British rock band, Def Leppard formed in 1977. Rick Allen Def Leppard enter replace Tony Kenning. He entered through an audition in 1978, after dropping out of school and decided a career in music. Currently Rick Allen is ranked 7th best drummers of all time.


In 1984, while driving back home in Sheffield, England, he was unfortunate. The host car, the Chevrolet Corvette had an accident that Allen had to be rushed to the hospital.Unfortunately for him, because the infection is severe enough, his left hand amputated.

Modified Drum

Fellow band then encouraged Allen to not become discouraged and continues with Def Leppard. Allen eventually returned to play drums with Def Leppard in 1986, and the fourth album released a year later, the album Hysteria. He played drums with his drums so modify his left foot to act as his left hand. Drafted a four pedal on the left, to be used by the left foot, which acts as the left hand. Four pedal serves to hi-hat, bass drum, snare drum and tom drum. Allen is proof that experience is the same opportunity to anyone who wants to try, of course, help the people around are very necessary for manaikan spirit and opportunity, as well as room to rise. If you want to see the story, can be seen in the movie: Hysteria, the Def Leppard Story (2001).

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