Russell Crowe Life Story

Russell Crowe Life Story
Russell Ira Crowe (born in Wellington, New Zealand, 7 April 1964; age 48 years) is an Australian movie actor who won an Oscar. He's bloody Irish, Norwegian and Maori. Two of his cousins ​​Martin and Jeff Crowe are former New Zealand cricket team captain.

When he was four, his family moved to Australia where his parents worked in the fields of catering in a studio film. He was a disciple of Sydney Boys High School. When she was 14 years old, his family returned to New Zealand, where he attended Auckland Grammar School. He did not finish high school, to help the family economy.

After initial success in Australia, he began to play a role in American films in the 1990s; been Oscar nominated three times, he won an Academy Award as Best Actor in the film Gladiator, 2000, and he was also nominated as Best Actor for The Insider (1999) and A Beautiful Mind (2001).

On 7 April 2003 (the 39th anniversary of his), Crowe married his old girlfriend, singer and actress Danielle Spencer Australia. On December 21, 2003 they gave birth to their son Charles Spencer Brown.

Crowe has a bad reputation and the nature of belligerency. It's been parodied in the animated series South Park. She won the Best Actor award at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) 2002 to lakonnya as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind. While presenting his appreciation, he planned to read a poem by Patrick Kavanagh called the sanctity but was cut short to be loaded in a delayed broadcast on the BBC. After that he spoke ("accosted") with producer Malcolm Gerrie. Crowe later apologized for his behavior.

On June 6, 2005, Crowe has been arrested for allegedly throwing a phone on a hotel employee at the Mercer Hotel, New York named Nestor "Josh" Estrada. He was found guilty and released on condition should not be arrested again within one year and fined 160 dollars for court costs. The problem with Estrada settled out of court with the fee reported to be six digits.

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