Biography of James Sidis - Most Genius Man On Earth

James Sidis was born with the full name of William James Sidis, on 1 April 1898 In the United States, James Sidis is the most genius man that ever existed on earth with an IQ (intelligence level) on top 250-300. Beat genius of Da Vinci, Einstein, Newton and other scientists. The name James Sidis barely escaped the frenzied coverage of the geniuses in the world of science.

Sidis miracle begins when he can feed himself with a spoon at the age of 8 months. At the age of not quite two years, Sidis has made the New York Times as a friend breakfast. Since that time his name became a subscription newspaper headlines. wrote several books before the age of 8 years, including about anatomy and astronomy. At the age of 11 years Sidis accepted at Harvard University as the youngest student. Harvardpun then fascinated by his genius when Sidis gave a lecture on Four Dimensional's body in front of the professor of mathematics.

James Sidis graduated cum laude with a degree in mathematics at age 16. He subsequently continued his studies but was hampered because dibully by a group of students who do not like it. At age 17 Sidis accept the offer as an assistant lecturer while continuing to the doctoral program but unfortunately he did not finish his studies with a reason to feel frustrated by the learning system and the treatment of older class. At that time he had complained, "I do not know why they gave me this job and put me as someone special, I do not really viable as a lecturer. "

More terrible again, Sidis understand 200 kinds of languages ​​in the world and can translate very quickly and easily. He could learn a language as a whole in a day!! William Sidis success is the success of his father, Boris Sidis are a reliable Psychologist Jew. Boris himself is also a graduate of Harvard, student famed psychologist William James (Similarly, he later gave the name to her child) Boris was making his son as an example for a new educational model at the same time attacking the conventional education system has become a culprit accused of crime, criminality and disease.

In 1919, Sidis was arrested and detained for 18 months for his involvement in the Socialist May Day demonstration in Boston. At that time he made statements against conscription in World War I. That his arrest had horrendous mass media, as when he started his work as a boy genius. Since out of jail, Sidis and then disappeared like a swallowed by the earth and after all this time traced by a reporter who met with a scrap metal scavengers nan papa, it turns out he was the 'William James Sidis. '

Who would have thought William Sidis later died at a relatively young age, 46 years - a time when a scientist should be productive in the future. Sidis died in a state of unemployed, alienated and very poor. Ironic. The man later judged that Sidis's life is not happy. Popularity and prowess in the field of mathematics made him miserable. A few years before he died, Sidis had indeed told the press that he hated math - something that had catapulted him.

In social life, Sidis had little friends. In fact, he also often ostracized by colleagues a campus. Not even once had a girlfriend or wife. Bachelor's degree is never finished, only abandoned. He later broke with his family, wandering in secrecy, work for potluck, going into exile. He ran away from her childhood the real triumph is the projection of the father. He realized that his life is the result of patterning of others. However, awareness is often late.

Sidis business touching indeed. There is a strong desire to escape from the influence of the father, to be yourself. Although for that Sidis no power. The press and public already makes Sidis as a news item. Wherever Sidis hiding, the press must be smelled. Sidis could not take for granted the father's influence. Already embedded as a time bomb, which then blew himself up.

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