Biography Edward Teller - The inventor of hydrogen bomb

Edward Teller Ede Teller was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary, January 15, 1908, the Jewish scientist was then living in the U.S. since 1935. At that time, he fled from the Nazis in Europe. Teller worked on the Manhattan project at Los Alamos, New Mexico (1943-1946). The project was successfully pursue the development of the atomic bomb. The bombs were then dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which until today has not been any more nuclear bombs used by humans since then.

Teller studied physics at Leipzig University, Germany. He worked as a physicist at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory during World War II. Teller also helps the formation of a diarahkannnya laboratory for more than two years in the 1950s. He then became assistant director of physics until his retirement in 1977.

In 1939, Teller was one of three scientists who encouraged Albert Einstein to alert President Franklin D. Roosevelt that the power of nuclear fission-fragment an atomic nucleus, can be used to form a devastating new weapon. In 1941, before the first atomic bomb was born, scientist colleague, Enrico Fermi, argues that nuclear fusion could be more devastating.

Subsequent works, he developed the hydrogen bomb which was then attached to his identity. Its main role in the development of thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs) are well known. However, he also made a remarkable contribution to the development of ballistic missiles launched from submarines (the basis of nuclear deterrence) and missile defense

The idea was developed Teller. He went on to make a bomb like that, so managed to get the title "father of the hydrogen bomb". However, reportedly, he hates the term. Magnitude megaton hydrogen bomb (million tons) detonated first in 1952, although no one ever used in war. As a comparison, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki weighing only a dozen kilotons.

Teller is a powerful adviser for applied science, in addition to one of the leaders of the most influential techniques in national defense since World War II until today. His advice is also very influential in the system of strategic missile defense initiative, dubbed as the "Star Wars".

Teller received many awards in her long career, including the Albert Einstein Award, the Enrico Fermi Award, and the National Medal of Science. Earlier this year, who was born in Budapest, Hungary, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award in the U.S..

He was not able to attend a special ceremony in Washington, led by President George W. Bush's. Therefore, the award received his daughter, Wendy. During his life, physics professor at the University of California is staying with Paul (his son), Wendy (her daughter), four grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Dr. Edward Teller role is very strategic in the strategy of U.S. weapons, atomic bomb began during World War II until the concept during President Reagan's Star Wars. Together with Einstein, he was "aware" of President Roosevelt against nuclear power. In the last years of his life he was widely known for its controversial recommendation technology solutions to the problem of civil and military, including the planned excavation artificial harbor in Alaska using thermonuclear explosives. Experts "doomsday bomb" was given up due to a stroke that attacked a few days ago. Teller died September 9, 2003 at the age of 95 years at his home in Stanford University Campus, California.

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