Biography of Imam Al-Ghazali

Al-Ghazali am Born at 450 H (1058 AD) in the village district Taberan Thus, Persian, and named Abu Hamid Muhammad, the title is "Hujjatul Islam" and the title is wangsanya Ghazzali. His father's name is less well known but begutu grandfather were prominent in his day.
His father died young, leaving his mother and raised by his grandfather. Ghazzali was mentioned as the name of a village district Thus, the province of Khorasan, Persia. According to Maulana Shibli Nu'mani, Abu Hamid Muhammad's ancestors have weaving business (ghazzal) and therefore he is preserving his family "Ghazzali" (weavers).

Education, at the time his father died, her two children education was entrusted to one of his beliefs. He provides both basic education and then sent to a private Maktab. Both children are able to memorize al-Quran in a short time. After that they start learning Arabic.

they then put into madrasas free [independent]. After some time Ghazzali left her hometown for some time to pursue higher education in Zarzan and learn under the guidance of the great scholars, Imam Abu Nasr Ismail. Ghazzali always recorded lectures, but in an event record is carried along with the robbers took his belongings. Tetepi he gave himself to go to the head robber to ask them his lecture notes. Alhamdulillah memoirs is returned.
Then he joined the Madrasah Nizamiya in Nishapur, who was a prominent educational center and is led by a famous scholar named Imam Haramain, which has 400 pupils between three students become well-known scholars, Harasi, Ahmad ibn Muhammad and Ghazzali. After that Ghazzali went to the center of the caliphate in Baghdad at the age of 28 years old Ghazzali.

In Baghdad, he was appointed rector of the madrasa Nizamiya Nizamul Mulk.
Hundreds of scholars, officials of the Caliphate, and powerful nobles who attended lectures delivered by Imam Ghazzali is full of thought, argument and reason. mostly a list of lectures recorded by Ibn Sayyid ibn Fariz and Lubban. both recorded around 183 lectures material which is then collected in Ma.ialis-i Ghazzaliyah.

Imam Ghazzali was a follower of Imam Shafi'i in his youth but in Baghdad he was hanging out with people from various schools of fiqh, thoughts, and ideas: Shi'ite, Sunni, Zindiqi, Zoroastrian, sklolastik Theologian, Christian, Jew, Atheist. And this affects the pemikiaran Imam Ghazali and on her life changed completely. He left Baghdad, wearing Sufi clothes and slipped disuatu night left Baghdad in 488 AH

He went to Damascus and then retreated in a mosque and a room full of earnestness to worship, meditation and remembrance. here he mengabiskan time for two years in solitude and silence. At the age of 27 years, he was ordained by Pir Abu 'Ali who is also a spiritual teacher Farnadi Wazir Nizamul Mulk. after two years, dipergi to Jerusalem and berjiaran on As the birthplace of the Prophet Isa. in the year 499 H he berjiarah to the shrine of Prophet Ibrahim's As and there he planted three vows:

Dardar would not go to a ruler.
Will not receive their gift.
Will not engage in a religious debate.

He holds his oath to the death. Subsequently he undertook the pilgrimage and visited Medina and stayed at the "City of the Prophet" was long enough. When he returned home he asked the authorities to become rector of Madrasah Nizamiya, but when the ruler was killed then he put in his position as rector, ruler of the new offer back, but he refused.

He died in his native village, Taberan, on 14 Jumada End 505 H coincide on the date of December 9, 1111 AD, Ibn Jauzi tells the story of his death. He said, "on Monday morning before dawn he rose from his bed and started to pray and kemundian Shubuh then sent someone to bring her shroud, after the cloth was given, he lifted it high up into the eye and said, 'God's commands in titahkan to be obeyed. ' when saying that he was breathing for the last time, he left a daughter. "

As for his works during the life of almost 55 years and have started writing books since the age of 20 years. The book that he wrote almost amounted to 400 titles.

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