Biography of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to become prime minister of England and the first PM who served for three consecutive periods. He was nicknamed the "iron lady" and leads the British won the Falklands War against Argentina and plays an important role greeted the victory of capitalism as a system that persisted until the late 20th century.

Born in Grantham England, October 13, 1925 under the name Hilda Roberts, famous for a girl who was intelligent, and diligent. Capitalized scholarship he managed to get into university elot Oxford University and earned two degrees in chemistry and law. His interest in politics took him to the British Parliament at the age of 34 years. He proved to be the best legislator of the Finchley area of ​​north Londonbahkan menmpati top ranking in the Parliament. At the age of 44 years he was elected minister of education in the PM Edwarth Heath. After the defeat of the Conservative Party in 1974, next year he won the competition in the selection of party leaders against Edwarth Heat. When the Conservatives won the election in 1979, he was appointed as prime minister of Britain. In the early days of office, voicing Thatcer open markets, open discussion, and fellowship (coalition) are loyal.

Thatcher changed the nature of anti-union in the British government became a majority in parliament. He made a series of regulations on labor unions to end the conflict problem. In economic policy, Thatcer designing privatization of national industries that time was still considered taboo. The airline became British Air Ways airline best and most profitable in the world. British Steel steel companies are always losers transformed into state-owned companies and became the largest metal companies in Europe. In the decade of the 1980s, nearly 50 countries around the world abuzz following the privatization program Thatcer in companies nearly bankrupt, and change the private company becomes more developed. Various countries sent delegates to England to study with Margaret Thatcher on the management of the State economy. This is the UK's biggest contribution to the practice of introducing the world economy since Keynesian Keynesianism or even since Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations.

World leaders who openly praised the leadership of President Ronald Ragen Thatcer is a direct way Thatcer practice in the United States of deregulation, tax cuts, and open up wider market opportunities for companies. Friendship Thatcer and Reagents in implementing foreign policy. Pressure on the Soviet Union and the Soviet push to reform became even stronger. Reagents together, he pushed Mikhail Gorbachev continued the policy of perestroika that eventually undermine confidence in the Soviet elite. Thatcher is a great service to support the two goals of free markets and free minds. Thatcher, the daughter of a shopkeeper has proved strong-willed, the ideas are clear, simple, already delivers its name in the annals of the world.

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